WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Will CM Punk Get a Real Main Event After 6 Months?

Luis CamposAnalyst IJuly 3, 2012


The past six months have been a strange time for the current WWE champion CM Punk. Though Punk's popularity among fans continues to increase, his role during WWE PPVs continue to be a second-place one despite increased television exposure. 

The last time CM Punk main-evented a WWE PPV was in December of last year at the TLC PPV, which featured Punk in a match against the Miz and Alberto Del Rio for the WWE championship. Since then, Punk has played second fiddle to John Cena's main-event status.  

In February of this year, Punk saw his weakest position on a WWE card, after being part of the opening match of the Elimination Chamber PPV—the PPV's main event that night was an abysmal Ambulance Match between John Cena and Kane

Extreme Rules in April again saw Punk in a diminished role, after his great match against then-contender Chris Jericho was placed before a poor Divas match between Layla and Nikki Bella. 

This pattern would continue when Punk was again given a poor spot on the card at both Over the Limit and No Way Out—each time being placed before Ryback squash matches. 

Now two weeks away from this month's Money in the Bank PPV, one question remains, will Punk be given a real main event? 

If the WWE wishes to bring back prestige to the top title in the company, CM Punk needs to be given the top spot on PPV events. Placing Punk (or any other future WWE champion) on a lower spot underwhelms the credibility that the company's champion is supposed to have. 

Punk's match against Daniel Bryan will without a doubt continue to boast the top-level of athleticism that these two opponents have showed off in the past. These two men deserve a proper main event. 



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