The 5 Most Entertaining NBA Rookie Twitter Accounts

Matt Fitzgerald@@MattFitz_geraldCorrespondent IIIJune 29, 2012

The 5 Most Entertaining NBA Rookie Twitter Accounts

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    Many rookies from the 2012 NBA draft were somewhere around 18-, 19-, or 20-years-old.

    I'm not far removed from that age, but it's hard to be interesting, witty, entertaining or funny as it is especially on a medium like Twitter where tone can't be detected.

    Even further, we are talking about kids who have been handed instant fame and hear they're great constantly.

    They have mobile devices with social media capabilities in their hands, and at any moment can type whatever they please for the world to see.

    Here are five of the most entertaining Twitter accounts from the NBA's rookie class.

Terrence Ross

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    Twitter Handle: @UWFlight31

    Bio: UW mens Guard/Forward. Follow Real Talent:

    Selected: No. 8 overall by the Toronto Raptors

    Although he tries to deflect attention away from his account in favor of a young hip-hop artist, the former University of Washington guard may have difficulty with that being a top 10 NBA draft pick.

    With not even 2,100 tweets, Ross won't blow up anyone's timeline too often, but when he does pull the Twitter trigger, it's usually worthwhile to read.

    Tweet Preview: May 1: “No man should text another man "hey"”

    June 17 (watching the Miami Heat's LeBron James): "Bron head band look likes he wrapped a towel around his head"

Jeremy Lamb

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    Twitter Handle: @jlamb

    Bio: I once had a awkward moment, only cuz I wanted to...

    Selected: No. 12 overall by the Houston Rockets

    He may not be the most interesting man in the world, but Lamb is pretty close.

    The UConn product is not shy of expressing any thoughts to the tweeple, including relationships and women.

    Perhaps what's most noteworthy of his account is the unreal amount of retweet binges he goes on from time to time.

    Follow at your own risk, or else your timeline will blow up with Jeremy Lamb retweets of people you'll never know!

    Tweet Preview: June 9 (on his retweeting habit): "I don't c y everybody complainin bout they TL!! Yall don't b talkin bout nothin [on] there anyway!!"

    June 25: "I kno there's more fish in the sea but I want u!"

Royce White

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    Twitter Handle: @Highway_30

    Bio: Im a Humanitarian, Writer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and.....A Hobby Photographer. {CyclONENation}

    Selected: No. 16 overall by the Houston Rockets

    For someone who had character concerns coming out of Iowa State, White has a Twitter account that would put to rest some of those issues if ever a social media platform were any indication.

    The way White slipped slightly in the draft contradicts how he expresses himself in such a public forum. He has the funniest Twitter bio I've seen from a rookie.

    White's posts are very sophisticated, articulate and spelled correctly. You just don't see that every day with athletes.

    Tweet Preview: June 17: " just tried to compare Tiger Woods and Lebron James...that's a stretch, Tried to compare him leaving Cleveland with Infidelity...SMDH!"

    June 18: "It's scary how we think we've come so far as a society..Still scared of what we don't understand. What do we understand? We're just scared!"

Arnett Moultrie

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    Twitter handle: @amoultrie

    Bio: The secret to success is to do the common things uncommonly well...#YOLO #SNEAKERHEAD...instagram: moneybaggz23

    Selected: No. 27 by the Miami Heat (traded to the Philadelphia 76ers)

    The Mississippi State forward has the most interesting name in the draft from this side of the pond, and is one of the more entertaining tweeters as well.

    Having one of the most polarizing acronyms in today's lexicon in his biography is a particularly standout feature of Moultrie's Twitter profile.

    Tweet Preview: June 12: "Ppl be tripping when they see my I ❤ boobies! Bracelet...." 

    June 16: "Headphones on...that means I'm not tryna talk FOOL!"

John Henson

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    Twitter Handle: @_John_Henson_

    Bio: .. bare witness while I bare feet, so you can walk in my shoes and get to know me..

    Selected: No. 12 overall by the Milwaukee Bucks

    This is my personal favorite. The 6'10", 215-pound forward from North Carolina looks goofy as it is with his particularly slender frame.

    His tweeting doesn't do anything to dispel the notion that that carries over to his personality.

    Tweet Preview: June 6: "Oh yeah and screenshots on instagram ... I don't need to see your boo/bf/ BFF/Cousin tell you goodnight"

    June 14: "… watching the US Open… just seen ya boy …that BUBBA WATTTTTTSON !!! " 😭