NBA Trade Rumors: Latest Post-Draft Buzz for Every Team

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJune 29, 2012

NBA Trade Rumors: Latest Post-Draft Buzz for Every Team

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    The 2012 NBA draft has wrapped up, and amidst all the trade rumors, all the whispers and shouts, nothing happened.

    Okay, so it wasn't nothing that happened, but we only had a few major shocking picks with Cleveland selecting Dion Waiters No. 4 overall and Miles Plumlee somehow turning into a first-rounder. Only one real major trade went through—Cleveland gave up three picks for Tyler Zeller—but for all the hoopla leading up to the draft, it was incredibly calm.

    Now the real fun starts. Rumors upon rumors have been flying around about some of the league's best players, and it's only a matter of time before something happens, as free agency starts on July 1st. 

    Let's take a look and round up the latest rumors around the league now that the draft is over and done with.

Atlanta Hawks: Josh Smith Going Nowhere for Now

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    With new General Manager Danny Ferry just a few days into his tenure with the Atlanta Hawks, he's still trying to feel everything out, which means there isn't any big trade for Josh Smith coming soon, although it could still happen down the road.

    Orlando—Dwight Howard seems to be good friends with Smith—Los Angeles and Houston have all expressed interest about Smith.

Boston Celtics: Is O.J. Mayo a Target?

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    In need of a dynamic scorer who can play the inside-outside game, the Boston Celtics seem to be ready to make another run at O.J. Mayo, according to

    Boston nearly came to a deal for him back before the trade deadline, but it all fell through and Mayo remained a member of the Grizzlies.

    The Celtics are willing to lock up Brandon Bass and deal him in a sign-and-trade for the guard from USC.

Brooklyn Nets: Still Hope for Howard

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    While it's becoming increasingly more likely that the Brooklyn Nets are able to re-sign Deron Williams, they're still looking into the big man that sits down south, according to Ken Berger of CBS Sports.

    Dwight Howard still wants out of Orlando, and it seems like he still wants to go to Brooklyn. The only problem is that the Magic are clinging to him for dear life at this point.

    This should end up getting interesting over the next few weeks and months. 

Charlotte Bobcats: MKG Is Staying Put

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    Speculation for the Bobcats was always that they were going to be trading the No. 2 overall pick for something of more value, but it seems like they've decided that Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is valuable enough.

    After shopping the pick for what seemed like a month, Charlotte finally settled down and decided to get their man, who should be playing for the Bobcats when the season starts, as David Aldridge notes.

Chicago Bulls: Luol Deng Was Going Nowhere

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    While his name was thrown around like crazy last night, it seems that Luol Deng was never on the market in exchange for a draft pick, according to the Bulls' front office (h/t ESPN).

    It makes sense that the Bulls wouldn't want to trade Deng, a proven starter and a huge member of this team during Derrick Rose's absence, for a lottery pick.

    However, if they can find a skilled veteran to swap for Deng, there still could be a possibility that he is dealt.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Anderson Varejao Is Very Much Available

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    Last night was a very interesting night to say the least for the Cleveland Cavaliers. While they never really got what they wanted, they did walk away with two guys who should be able to start for them down the road.

    Cleveland was apparently trying to put together a deal with the Golden State Warriors to nab Harrison Barnes, the guy they selected at No. 7, but nothing ever came together (news via Cleveland Plain-Dealer).

    Still, it's apparent now that Andy is on the market, which could mean good things for a contender com trade deadline time.

Dallas Mavericks: They Seem to Be in Money-Saving Mode

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    As the Dallas Mavericks approach an extremely pivotal moment in their team's history, it seems like they're going all in on a free-agent spending binge.

    They traded Lamar Odom to the Clippers in a deal to save them some money, and then they sold the No. 55 pick of Darius Johnson-Odom to the Lakers for a cool $500,000.

    It's unclear right now whether they're trying to spend all that money this summer or if they'll hold out hope that Dwight Howard is a free agent in 2013. 

Denver Nuggets: Evan Fournier's Status Is on the Fence

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    The Denver Nuggets selected two international players in the draft last night, and with Izzet Turkyilmaz most certainly not coming over next season, their hopes on adding a new player this year lies on Evan Fournier.

    As of right now, it seems that Fournier is going to work out for the Nuggets, at which point they'll decide whether to keep him here or send him back to Europe for a year, as Benjamin Hochman reports.

Detroit Pistons: Pistons Saved Millions in Gordon Deal

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    While the Detroit Pistons were forced to give up a first-round pick to Charlotte—and to take on Corey Maggette, for that matter—the move was a positive one for the future of this franchise.

    According to The Associated Press (h/t, the deal is said to have saved Detroit $15 million in salary over the next two years, money that should be used to chase some intriguing free agents.

Golden State Warriors: Where Does Golden State Stand with Rudy Gay?

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    While the Golden State Warriors were surrounded with trade rumors about their No. 7 pick last night, nothing ever happened, and they ended up selecting Harrison Barnes.

    However, the fact that they were linked in weeks past to Rudy Gay (according to HOOPSWORLD) could mean there is still some interest there, with David Lee even potentially on the trade block.

Houston Rockets: Where's the Pursuit of Dwight Howard Going?

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    Today could be the last day with Houston involved in the Dwight Howard saga. We've already seen that Orlando is clinging to Howard for their life at this point, and Daryl Morey is a guy who likes to get things done.

    Houston could move on to Plans B, C, D, E and F the next few days should nothing happen, if Sam Amico is to be believed.

Indiana Pacers: How Deep Does the Interest in Brandon Roy Go?

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    It may not be trade news, but it's huge news for the NBA that Brandon Roy is coming back, and the Indiana Pacers seem to be one of the teams involved.

    Alongside Minnesota, Chicago, Golden State and Dallas, Indiana is looking like they're willing to take a chance on the guard with an ailing body, according to ESPN. It all depends on how much they're willing to gamble on him for. 

Los Angeles Clippers: What Is Lamar Odom's Role?

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    After moping around for the better part of a year, Lamar Odom is back in Los Angeles—this time with the Clippers.

    L.A. was able to get rid of an unhappy Mo Williams and pick up a guy who may have underperformed by leaps and bounds last season, but there's still no telling what he's expected to do when the season starts.

    Is Odom going to be the sixth man, or just a complementary player coming off the bench?

Los Angeles Lakers: Moving in on Dwight?

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    With Houston failing to get any high draft picks, it seems likely that they're going to bow out of the Dwight Howard sweepstakes.

    However, that doesn't mean that saga is over—far from it, in fact. At this point, with Houston receding, it seems like the Lakers are waxing and moving in on Howard. No word on what they're willing to offer at this point.

Memphis Grizzlies: Zach Randolph on the Table?

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    We all know about O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay sitting on the table for Memphis, but apparently Zach Randolph is as well.

    There may be some interest in some formation of a Z-Bo/Pau Gasol swap at some point in the future, according to Peter Vecsey.

    It would be assumed that Memphis would keep either Gay or Z-Bo, as they had the biggest clash in terms of style of play this past season.

Miami Heat: Good Trade for Miami?

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    The Miami Heat decided to save a few bucks on player salary and traded their first-round pick, which would have meant a guaranteed contract.

    While it's no secret that Miami needs to save money, it's also no secret that they could use some depth, even if they are the defending champions.

    Rumbles around Heat fans is that there's a bit of disappointment that they traded the pick, especially with Perry Jones III still on the board at that point.

Milwaukee Bucks: Samuel Dalembert Staying Put

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    After giving up a few underperforming young guys and a slightly higher draft pick, Milwaukee ended up with a big man that they desperately needed.

    Speculation loomed that Milwaukee was attempting a money-saving deal, but it seems that Dalembert is in Milwaukee to stay, as the Bucks need depth at the 4 and 5 as much as any team in the league.

Minnesota Timberwolves: David Kahn Is Working His Butt Off

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    While no deals are officially on the table, David Kahn has been planting deal seeds all over the country.

    While teams talk a lot, especially when together -- as president of basketball operations David Kahn was at the Minnesota draft workout, the Brooklyn draft workout and in Chicago at the Combine -- he has planted lots of seeds. They have talked to the Lakers about Pau Gasol, Philadelphia about Andre Iguodala, Houston about Kevin Martin and Memphis about Rudy Gay. That being said, nothing is close as of now to being done.

    Minnesota is obviously looking for a star to pair alongside Kevin Love as they make their first push for the playoffs since the Garnett days.

New Orleans Hornets: Who's Playing Center?

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    The New Orleans Hornets have traded away Emeka Okafor and aren't interested at all in re-signing Chris Kaman (per The Times Picayune), so who's playing center?

    Will Anthony Davis be able to start at the 5 in his rookie season, or is he more slated for the power forward position? If not, then they could be looking at a center-by-committee unless a free agent stands out over the next few months.

New York Knicks: 'Bockers Win Bird Cases

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    After baffling fans with their only pick in the draft (who would have thought New Yorkers would boo a guy who won't be in the league for three years?), it seems like the Knicks are going to win elsewhere.

    New York is likely to win the Bird Right settlements over Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak, meaning they'll be able to re-sign both of them without dipping into any free-agent exceptions.

Oklahoma City Thunder: James Harden Never in Danger

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    With concerns about who they'll be able to keep at the end of next season, word on the street was that James Harden was being shopped for a top-three draft pick.

    That's obviously a big gamble for the Thunder, but that would have been a big gamble for any of the trading teams as well, as there was no guarantee that Harden would re-sign at the end of the year.

    However, ESPN's Marc Stein tweeted that OKC made sure that Harden knew he wasn't going anywhere in the days leading up to the draft.

Orlando Magic: When Will They Deal Dwight?

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    As was expected, the Orlando Magic fielded many calls last night from teams interested in acquiring Dwight Howard, although ultimately no deal went down (from the Orlando Sentinel).

    John Denton tweeted that Rob Hennigan is planning on meeting with Howard face-to-face next week, at which point things should get going should Howard officially request a trade (per 

Philadelphia 76ers: Is Andre Iguodala on the Move?

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    It's a contractual obligation that a trade rumor comes up surrounding Andre Iguodala every season, and it seems we haven't seen on in a while, so here goes.

    1500 ESPN says Iguodala is one of the star players David Kahn is targeting to pair with Kevin Love, and the Warriors are also interested, although that may be moot now that they've picked Harrison Barnes with the No. 7 pick in the draft last night (via Chris Broussard).

Phoenix Suns: Phoenix Coveted Perry Jones III

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    The Phoenix Suns got a guy who they hope will be their point guard of the future in the draft last night, but it seems they were looking elsewhere as well.

    As Perry Jones plummeted down the draft board, The Republic's Paul Coro tweeted that the Suns were looking to trade for a late first-rounder to nab him before he fell off the board, but to no avail.

Portland Trail Blazers: Is There Value in Jamal Crawford?

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    While Jamal Crawford is a free agent, it seems that several teams are pursuing a sign-and-trade with multiple teams for the brooding, moody guard.

    ESPN reports that Philadelphia, Minnesota and Boston are all interested in trading for Crawford, which would give them something out of the guy that shot 38 percent from the field last season.

Sacramento Kings: Is a Deal for Evans Still Going to Happen?

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    It seems that the Sacramento Kings are looking to get the most value out of Tyreke Evans, even though he is becoming increasingly expendable for their team.

    Evans was linked to the Houston Rockets in their drive for the Kings' No. 5 pick in the draft according to Ken Berger, but that was just another trade that never went down.

    The question remains for Sacramento as to where, if anywhere, Tyreke will land.

San Antonio Spurs: Is DeJuan Blair Going to Be Moved?

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    With about 48 players stashed in Europe ready to come over and play this year, San Antonio is looking to open up a roster spot to bring one over (likely Nando de Colo), which means moving a player.

    Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted the Spurs are now open to moving DeJuan Blair, who fell out of the rotation in the playoffs and saw very limited minutes after the regular season ended, so where is he going to end up?

Toronto Raptors: Toronto Really Wants Steve Nash

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    The Toronto Raptors had the road to a new starting point guard at last night's draft, but they never pulled the trigger on sending their No. 8 pick to Houston for Kyle Lowry, mostly because they want to land Steve Nash (according to Adrian Wojnarowski).

    It seems Toronto is willing to sell the farm to convince Nash to come to Toronto, as they've lined up a nice little lineup and are even willing to amnesty Jose Calderon to give him more money (per ESPN's Chris Palmer).

Utah Jazz: Will Mo Williams Sign?

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    The Utah Jazz, Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Clippers have all agreed in principle to a deal that would send Mo Williams to the Jazz, but the deal is still being held up.

    The big thing holding it up is the fact that Utah is only agreeing to the deal should Mo Williams opt in on his contract worth $8.5 million this season (per Yahoo! Sports). The next few hours are going to show whether or not this deal actually goes down.

Washington Wizards: Will Wizards Make Any Moves?

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    After standing strong up against the Charlotte Bobcats last night in their insistence that they would trade away the No. 2 pick to Cleveland, allowing them to pick Bradley Beal, Washington finally got their guy at No. 3 overall.

    Now, however, there aren't even whispers coming out of Washington in terms of trade rumors or even free-agent signings, especially after they traded for Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza last week.


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