Impact Wrestling Live: New Champions, Destination X Matches, Drama and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJune 29, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling opened with Dixie Carter and A.J. Styles not happy about how everything went last week, but at the same time were happy because it was all over.

Styles was going to destroy Christopher Daniels and Kazarian later and that brought us into the opening video.

Glad it's over? A situation like this is never over that easy. I have a feeling that something's going to go down.


Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam: Bound for Glory Series Match

Rob Van Dam picked up seven points after reversing a move into a crucifix pin. I thought this was a decent match that featured a bit of nice action. This was the typical match fans have seen from these two lately.

They can work well together, and are capable of putting on a good match, but they just seemed off tonight.

I like that Van Dam got the win, though. He was sitting on zero points, so it was good to see him finally get on the board.

Before the match started, it was announced that the time limit was changed for the series. Instead of 10 minutes, the BFGS matches will have 15-minute time limits. I like the rule change a lot. The matches won't seem too rushed now as the average television match is around 15 minutes anyway.

Austin Aries then made his way out. He went over what happened last week and declared that a tournament was being set up featuring old and new X-Division faces to crown a new champion. That brought out Bobby Roode.

He went off on Aries for basically being handed a title shot. Aries wasn't in his league, and they argued about whose ring it was. A fight was about to begin, but Roode ended up walking out of the ring.

This was a very well done segment. Both Aries and Roode were solid on the mic and it created a lot of tension between them.

Aries believes that he's the greatest to ever exist while Roode thinks that he is. These are two guys who have similar personalities and seeing them clash was making for a great segment.

I liked that Roode walked out on Aries without fighting. The champion is playing a game with Aries, but it's a game that may not work on him. Aries is a crafty one, and Roode may be underestimating him.

Backstage, Claire explained that she met Dixie through their parents and Styles through Dixie. She then said that things went bad when Daniels and Kazarian twisted the truth.

Telling us how they met was good, as that was something that did need to get explained. We didn't need to get told when things went bad, though.

I think it was pretty obvious that the truth getting twisted was when things went bad.

Staying backstage, Daniels was trying to calm down Kazarian. He wasn't happy that Daniels lied to him because it resulted in turning his back on Styles.

Daniels and Kazarian breaking up? I'm not a fan of that. They make a great team, and teams are something that TNA is lacking right now.

Plus there is no way Kazarian didn't know at least part of the real truth.


Sonjay Dutt vs. Rubix: X-Division Tournament

Sonjay picked up the victory with a moonsault foot stomp from the top rope. This was a very good match. It was the definition of X-Divison as these two never slowed down for a second and gave the fans some overall good wrestling.

It's great to see Sonjay Dutt back in TNA; he's definitely someone I've missed! I hope that he sticks around for good after Destination X, whether he wins the title or not.

Sonjay is one of the best X-Division wrestlers to never hold the X-Division Championship.

This was the first time I've seen Rubix wrestle and the man was impressive in the ring. I think he'd be a great addition to the division as well.

The Gut Check judges were then shown evaluating Taeler Hendrix. She was able to hold her own against Tara, which was impressive in itself. They declared that they were looking for people who were "game ready," but also one's that have potential to grow. They were all torn in their decision, though.

This was the third Gut Check evaluation, and I think it was the best one yet. They finally revealed what they were looking for; someone ready to go, but also someone with potential.

They never really explained exactly what they were looking for before, so I liked that they did that here.

I love Al Snow and Taz as judges, but I wasn't too keen on Bruce Pritchard at first. He's starting to grow on me, though.


Bully Ray vs. Samoa Joe: Bound for Glory Series Match

Samoa Joe picked up 10 points by making Bully Ray tap out after a distraction from Joseph Park. This was a good match that was hard hitting and enjoyable throughout.

When they announced this earlier in the night, I got really excited. I've wanted to see the bully and Samoa Joe go at it for a while now and they did not disappoint.

I'm glad to see Samoa Joe get a fair chance this year. He lost every single match in last year's series and ended up with negative points at the end of it. He's way too talented to be wasted like that. I think he'll be making it to the final four this year.

As for Bully Ray, he's been on a losing streak lately. At the same time, though, he still one of the best heels in the business.

Post-match, Joe Park declared that he wasn't going to take it anymore, and in two weeks, he was going to end things once and for all. He challenged Bully Ray to another fight and walked away.

I'm happy to see another match between them, especially since this is looking like the end. The storyline is going to cost the bully big time in the series as Abyss and Park have already cost him three matches.

The sooner this storyline ends, the better for him. The thing is, though, I don't see it ending anytime soon. TNA is way too deep into it, they can't just abruptly end it.

Backstage, Dixie explained all of Daniels' evidence. The photo was her Styles comforting her over the news of Claire in rehab, the video was them visiting her after rehab and the phone call was them planning a surprise party for Serg.

The whole "surprise party" thing is what I thought the truth was going to end up being in the first place.

So all of the evidence has been logically explained. I still think there's something we're not being told, though.

Staying backstage, Kazarian told Hulk Hogan that he made a mistake. He didn't want to team with Daniels anymore, but Hogan told him that he still went along with it even if he didn't know the real truth. He wanted a fresh start and Hogan said to prove it in the match.

A fresh start? Well, technically a fresh start would be winning the titles back. I smell a swerve coming.

Madison Rayne then approached Garret Bischoff backstage. She told him that she had a crush and asked "What's he like?" She then whispered in his year, leaving Bischoff surprised.

I thought that her crush was actually going to be Bischoff, but I guess it’s not him after all.

Let's see, who has Bischoff interacted with lately. The main names that come to mind are Gunner and Devon. I hope it's Gunner as it'll get him back on television. Of course, it's probably not either of those two.

Brooke Hogan then presented Miss Tessmacher with some promotional material for Direct Auto Insurance featuring her. That brought in Gail Kim who wanted her rematch. Hogan then said it would be next week.

TNA is having a lot of title matches lately. It's not a complaint by any means, though.

A part of me wants to see Gail get it back, but if that happens, Mickie James' possible heel turn could stop. It wouldn't really make much sense to turn her heel while there's a heel champion.


Rashad Cameron vs. Mason Andrews: X-Division Tournament

Cameron picked up the victory with what looked like a move similar to R-Truth's finisher. This was another exciting X-Division match. Both Cameron and Andrews were quite impressive in this match and my hopes of an X-Division revival are higher than ever.

After the match, Cameron said "Welcome to the Rashad Cameron movement," so it seems to me like he'll be sticking around after Destination X. Both would make fine additions to the division, too.

With new and old faces popping up for this tournament, the X-Division should be heating up. Just the two matches on this show got me pumped up.

The road to Destination X is always a fun one due to the spotlight being on the X-Division, but with the way things are going, the X-Division may stay in the spotlight afterwards where it belongs.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan was with James Storm and Jeff Hardy. He said that he was still looking into the Sting situation, and then he booked Storm vs. Hardy for next week's main event.

Nothing on Sting yet? Even a tiny bit of evidence would be nice. I don't need to know who the attackers were, I just want to know how Sting's doing for now. We got to start somewhere.

Next week's main event between Storm and Hardy should be a good one. I hope that Hardy wins, though.

With Storm being the "right guy" to dethrone Roode, I think it's obvious that he's going to win the series. I just hope he's not booked to strongly, though. He needs to lose once in a while.

It was then Gut Check time as the three judges stood in the ring. Taeler Hendrix then made her way out with Taz voting "yes" and Al Snow voting "no."

Before Snow could vote, though, Joey Ryan appeared in the crowd and argued with him and Taz.

Hendrix then went into how hungry she was and how she wanted to prove that she deserved to be there. That promo was enough to get Bruce Pritchard to say "yes."

Congratulations to Taeler Hendrix! I think she'll make a great addition to the roster; I just hope she's not lost in the fold like Angelina Love, Winter, Sarita and some others were.

Pritchard went into how she was still green, but I think that could work in her favor.

TNA should give her a tag partner to go after the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. That way, she'll get exposure and she'll have a partner to do most of the work load as she learns more and gets better.

As for Joey Ryan, it was great to see him crash the segment. It's only a matter of time before he's on the roster and the reigning X-Division champion.

Backstage, Angle was proud of Styles for helping someone get clean and for getting past everything. Styles then revealed that he and Daniels will be having a Last Man Standing Match at Destination X.

At least year's Destination X, the feud between Styles and Daniels was sparked back up. I think it's only fitting that it ends at this year's event. The Last Man Standing stipulation is a nice touch as well. Odds are they'll be stealing the show.


A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian: Tag Team Titles

New champions were crowned after Kazarian tricked Styles into thinking he was on his side before slamming Styles in the back with a chair.

This was a great match! It wasn't as good as their match at Slammiversary, but it was still another good showing between these two teams.

A part of me saw Kazarian teasing Styles like that coming, but at the same time, Kaz was a bit convincing in his new hatred of Daniels. I'm glad they won the belts, though, as he gives them the leverage in the storyline once again.

Speaking of the storyline, another curveball was thrown here. After Daniels gloated about winning the match, he revealed that the baby that Claire was carrying was Styles'.

Dixie wasn't too happy about the news, thinking he was lying again, but Claire sat there with her face in her hands.

That is certainly an interesting twist. I think it's another lie, though. Earlier in the night, Claire said that she never met Daniels before, but I think that she has.

I have a feeling that Daniels is the father, but that's a topic for when the storyline progresses a little more.


Overall, I thought this was a great episode of Impact Wrestling. It featured a number of very good matches, segments and the big storyline was advanced in a different way than most thought it would, including myself.

I figured that Claire telling the truth would be the end of it, but it's far from over. Despite basically being a soap opera, I like the way it's going.

This episode was a major step up from the rushed feeling Open Fight Night last week. TNA certainly picked themselves back up here and continue on into the summer on a majorly strong note.


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