Chris Paul-Blake Griffin and the Most Dynamic 1-2 Alley-Oop Combos in the NBA

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IJune 29, 2012

Chris Paul-Blake Griffin and the Most Dynamic 1-2 Alley-Oop Combos in the NBA

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    The NBA is filled with athletic freaks, but there are combos that complement each other almost perfectly.

    Some are young guys while others have been around the league for a while. Nevertheless, they all seem to form a dynamic alley-oop combo.

    Here's a look at some of the most dynamic alley-oop duos in the NBA.

Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams

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    We'll start off with a young, yet very talented duo.

    Ricky Rubio is as crafty as they get, and Derrick Williams' athleticism is off the charts. 

    Rubio has the best vision in the league and always looks to pass. He could make the perfect complement to practically anyone. A super-athlete like Williams just makes it even better.

    I was amazed and laughed when I saw that Kobe thought he had a chance of blocking that oop. Yeah, not even next time, Kobe.

Jose Calderon and DeMar DeRozan

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    Are they thinking about their next trick? Most likely.

    Jose Calderon and Demar DeRozan aren't the flashiest names and do not receive the most publicity, but they make a great duo.

    Calderon is one of the few pure point guards in the league. He is a pass-first guy who always makes the right play.

    DeRozan? Let's just say he can get high off the ground at will.

Jeff Teague and Josh Smith

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    Josh Smith is one the NBA's most prolific dunkers. He is an athletic freak who can get up.

    Jeff Teague, on the other hand, has not yet established himself as a top point guard, but he complements Smith well.

    This is the perfect example. On the fly, Teague perfectly throws the ball to Smith, who finishes with a crafty reverse.

    Oh, how easy they make it look.

Mike Conley and Rudy Gay

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    Although not known for their alley-oops, Mike Conley and Rudy Gay can get the job done.

    Gay is an athletic scorer who can slam down hard, and Conley is often overlooked as a point guard.

    They may not be flashy, but together they make up a solid duo. I understand this is more of a darkhorse pick, but I like the combo.

Jeremy Lin and Tyson Chandler

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    Jeremy Lin surprised everyone this season, but it's evident that all he needed was the opportunity to shine. 

    Tyson Chandler, on the other hand, always had the reputation of a bulldozer center who can put away any alley-oop.

    Although Lin had some turnover issues, he still has the ability to make great passes and sees the floor well. At any point in the game, Lin can set up the oop and Chandler will finish.

Jrue Holiday and Andre Iguodala

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    Jrue Holiday and Andre Iguodala both love to run the floor, especially with the rest of the young Philadelphia squad.

    Iguodala has always been a high-flyer known for his flashy dunks (and you better believe snubbed of a Slam Dunk Contest title in 2006). However, now he finally has a solid initiator of the alley-oop in Holiday.

    Over the years Holiday has developed the vision of a good point guard and doesn't shy away from getting creative.

    It looks like Josh Smith got a little taste of his own medicine here. Next time, don't even make the effort. It's not worth the humiliation. Get off him.

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant

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    No matter how much fans and critics will argue that Russell Westbrook infringes upon Kevin Durant's game, they know their roles and they fulfill them well.

    Westbrook is arguably the fastest point guard in the league while Durant has some of the longest arms. 

    Sure, he is lanky. However, that doesn't mean he can't bring home an alley-oop better than most players.

    These two young guys have been playing with each other for a while and have grown to learn each other's game very well. They are one of the most dynamic alley-oop duos in the league and hungry for a championship.

    Make fun of the long and skinny arms all you want, but they come in handy.

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin

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    It's not called Lob City for nothing. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin easily make up the flashiest, showstopping alley-oop combo in the league.

    Honestly, it's the perfect mesh. You have the best point guard in the league, who can make any pass he pleases, delivering to one of the most athletic players in the game.

    Griffin is a strong force of 251 pounds of muscle. You aren't stopping that.

    Oh yeah, he will fly to the basket.

    The fact that you can put the ball anywhere within a six-foot radius of the rim and he will get it should be enough, but having Paul facilitate the oop just makes it even more flawless.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James

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    These two are unstoppable in transition on their own, but when you put them together to run the floor? Sucks to be you, Wilson Chandler.

    Honestly, what do you think he's thinking there? "Uh, this is awkward. Should I just get out of the way? We're probably losing this one anyway..."

    LeBron James is one of the most athletic player to ever play the game. He can do everything.

    The great part about this duo is that they can reverse who starts and who finishes.

    For all of the chatter that they cannot play next to each other, they certainly feed off one another on the fast break.