5 NBA GMs Who Should Be out of a Job After Thursday's Debacle

Ross Bentley@@imrossbentleySenior Analyst IJune 29, 2012

5 NBA GMs Who Should Be out of a Job After Thursday's Debacle

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    On Monday, I wrote an article highlighting the five NBA GM's who should be fired, if they screw up the draft this season.

    The draft has now come and gone, and it's time to reassess how each team came out.

    Did some of those GM's do enough to take their name off the list? Absolutely. I applaud the Kings and their GM Geoff Petrie who was number one on that list, for picking up Thomas Robinson with the fifth overall pick, which should prove to be a steal.

    But some executives did not have so much success, and could be out of a job soon. Here is a list of five NBA GM's who should be fired after their terrible draft's tonight.  

5. Chris Grant: Cleveland Cavaliers

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    As a diehard Syracuse fan, this is a tough one for me to admit.

    Dion Waiters was not deserving of being the fourth overall pick in the draft.

    Waiters is a nice player and I think he'll help the Cavs coming off the bench, but with Thomas Robinson still on the board, I have to wonder if this was really the right move. 

    If the Cavs really were dead set on taking Waiters, they could have traded down and still managed to pick him up while also adding more depth to their roster by getting more picks. 

    I can't fault them for picking up Tyler Zeller either, but neither Waiters or Zeller is going to make the impact the Cavaliers need next season to make the playoffs. 

4. Bob Myers: Golden State Warriors

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    At first, I was torn about the Warriors drafting Harrison Barnes.

    On one hand, I believe that Barnes has all the potential in the world, and many people are saying Golden State picking him up at number seven is an ideal pick for the Warriors. 

    Others believe Barnes is severely overrated and will be a huge bust.

    I tend to fall somewhere in between but when I look at the Warriors roster, it's a struggle to see how he will fit in.

    Do the Warriors really need another shoot first perimeter player? After all they already are building around Steph Curry and drafted Klay Thompson last year.

    The Warriors have other roster holes they needed fixed with this pick, and they could have traded it or went with a post player to ensure themselves down low. 

    They did draft Festus Ezeli with the No. 30 pick, but he is too raw offensively to contribute and is a worse version of Andris Biedrins.

3. Kevin Pritchard: Indiana Pacers

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    Yes I am aware Kevin Pritchard just got hired as the Pacers GM.  However, his terrible draft should already be enough to make the organization go in a different direction.

    Pritchard went with Miles Plumlee out of Duke with the 26th pick in this year's draft, in easily the biggest head scratcher of the entire first round.

    I watched Plumlee play several times at Duke, and never once did I think that he looked like a first-round NBA pick.

    He was the far weaker of the Plumlee brothers, and he was completely inept offensively.

    With Perry Jones and Arnett Moultrie still on the board, this was an awful move. Especially when you consider Plumlee is basically a poor man's Tyler Hansbrough, who is already on the Pacers' roster. 

2. Joe Dumars: Detroit Pistons

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    Joe Dumars clocked in at number three on this list on Monday, and his draft last night just moves him up the list.

    I am a big believer that Andre Drummond is destined to be a bust. Drummond has practically no offensive game, and will be relying solely on his athleticism to get him by.

    He reminds me much more of a cross between DeAndre Jordan and Stromile Swift than of Dwight Howard, and I'm not even sure he'll reach that level.

    Detroit took a chance on him however, when he fell to the ninth spot in last night's draft.  Going with Meyers Leonard, Tyler Zeller, Andrew Nicholson, or John Henson would have all been better fits in my mind. 

1. Bryan Colangelo: Toronto Raptors

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    Bryan Colangelo of the Raptors was another GM who made my original list, and I see no reason remove him. 

    In fact, now that Colangelo botched the draft by taking Washington guard Terrence Ross eighth overall, he moves all the way up to number one.

    This is another situation where the Raptors could have traded their down and still got their man in Ross if they really wanted him. 

    However, when you look at the guards who went behind him, particularly Jeremy Lamb, I am unsure about why Toronto was so sold on Ross to begin with.

    Not to mention, the Raptors already have a two guard in DeMar DeRozan, so this move is really just baffling all around.