WWE Debate: Should John Cena Revamp His Image?

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To heel or not to heel?  That has been the seemingly age-old question since the anti-Cena contingent began growing noticeably as a vocal resentment for WWE’s poster boy grew despite Cena’s babyface status. 

Many fans are ready to see Cena do the unthinkable and become a heel if not for a brief stretch, while some see the audible “Cena Sucks” chant as a sign that John Cena is heel enough. 

Perhaps the WWE giving fans a choice of whether to cheer or boo John Cena, while choosing not to sully such an elusive choice with a familiar stench of propaganda, is what makes Cena so special as a performer. 

Fans booing John Cena “because they have to” does not create the most intimate reaction, nor will it be as compelling. 

Yet there will probably always be whispers that grow into loud mumbles that perhaps now is the time to pull the trigger on an evil Cena. 

Join Big Nasty and Justin LaBar as they go back-and-forth on whether or not the time has come to break the hearts of millions of children around the world and make Cena a villain.

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