MMA: The 10 Easiest to Hate Fighters

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIJune 29, 2012

MMA: The 10 Easiest to Hate Fighters

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    It's better to hear boo's than nothing at all. That seems to be the mantra for many of the fighters on this list as they've embraced the role of "the bad guy." While being a fan favourite certainly has its perks, so too does being the fighter everyone wants to see lose.

    Some of these fighters are simply "being themselves" while others seem to put on an act. Whether their words are true or not, they always seem to make us fall for the same tricks. They come into fights talking smack, taunt their opponents and bask in the glory of making us all upset.

    Being bruised or bloody is just a bonus; what's most important is watching them lose.

Jon Jones

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    Jon Jones is the youngest UFC champion in history; he went from touted prospect to superstar in a single year. He's certainly gained a number of fans for his performances inside the Octagon, but it is his character outside the cage that draws the ire of MMA fans.

    Jones has been called fake and cocky, among other things. Fans point to his trademark smirk as the main indication of Jones' fake personality. His legal issues have also become a major focal point of the Jones' haters.

    The UFC Light Heavyweight champion is coming off a victory over his rival Rashad Evans and will next be seen taking on Dan Henderson.

BJ Penn

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    BJ Penn is perhaps the most accomplished lightweight in MMA history, and he is a sure bet for the UFC Hall of Fame following the end of his career. He's also become one of the most disliked fighters in the game.

    Nobody can question the talents of Penn, but it is his attitude outside the cage that makes him easy for fans to despise. Embracing the laid-back Hawaiian lifestyle a bit too much at times, Penn has visibly suffered from a lack of cardio during some of his more high-profile bouts.

    His rivalry with Georges St. Pierre has also painted Penn to be the bad guy to MMA fans. He was the one coming into their rematch talking trash to GSP, only to get dominated. He then made claims of GSP greasing during the fight.

    Penn seems to be fired up for his next bout against Rory MacDonald which hopefully means a motivated Penn inside the cage as well.

Michael Bisping

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    Michael Bisping has been in the UFC for years now, and it seems that since his arrival, the Englishman has been the guy to boo.

    In part to Bisping's brash behavior, fans have no shortage of quotes to bring up when discussing why they dislike him. Bisping has also been exposed to fans more than the average fighter as we've witnessed him on The Ultimate Fighter on three occasions, once as a fighter and twice as a coach.

    Bisping perhaps put himself in the permanent dog house with his actions at UFC 127 against Jorge Rivera.

    The Brit is recovering from knee surgery and hopes to make a return to the Octagon this fall.

Josh Koscheck

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    Josh Koscheck could claim to be the first bad guy in the post-TUF era. He became one of, if not the most, despised fighter while competing on The Ultimate Fighter.

    Koscheck claims to "keep it real" when talking to MMA reporters, but it seems he's just a real pain to MMA fans. He's talked enough trash through his career to fill a landfill; this tends to make the vast majority of fans dislike him.

    He also had a handful of fights where he appeared to take a soccer-style dive inside the cage. Knees that didn't seem to hit him at all and a handful of "eye pokes" became Academy Award performances to some MMA fans.

    In recent times, Koscheck has become even more disliked due to his ugly parting from AKA with numerous teammates coming to the defense of head coach Javier Mendes.

Nick Diaz

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    Nick Diaz entered the MMA scene as a jiu-jitsu guy who proved he had striking skills as well. Diaz also helped trademark his own fighting style that featured "punches in bunches" along with numerous tauntings of opponents in the cage.

    Other than Diaz's constant taunting in the cage, the Stockton-born fighter has no issues with taunting his opponent outside the cage as well. His rivalries with Frank Shamrock and Jason "Mayhem" Miller featured more action outside the cage than in it.

    Recently, Diaz had no problem dissing the men who defeated him at UFC 143 in Carlos Condit and Georges St. Pierre. Diaz's no-show at a grappling event continued his streak of making fans upset as well.

Brett Rogers

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    Brett Rogers was on the path to becoming a prominent figure in the heavyweight scene. His biggest chance to prove his skills came following a 20 second destruction of Andrei Arlovski when Rogers faced Fedor Emelianenko.

    Rogers had a few moments of offense, but he eventually lost and was completely wrecked by Alistair Overeem in the next fight. These two losses seemed to set Rogers into a downward spiral that has made him one of the most disliked fighters in the game.

    While in the midst of losing two out of three fights (the third was a no contest), Rogers became embroiled in some serious legal trouble that involved allegations of domestic abuse against his girlfriend.

    Rogers has gone through the legal process and has since signed with Bellator. He made a successful debut by defeating Kevin Asplund by doctor stoppage at Bellator 71.

Anderson Silva

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    Anderson Silva has been atop the pound-for-pound rankings for the past few years. Despite putting on some of the most dominant performances in UFC history, Silva has turned a number of fans into permanent enemies with his two bouts against Thales Leites and Demian Maia.

    Silva toyed with his opponents even though he had the ability to take them out at a moments notice. Dana White was extremely mad with Silva after the Maia fight, and it appears to have motivated the Brazilian to take out his recent challengers in exciting fashion.

    The UFC Middleweight champion has also seen his name thrown into the mud by a number of his fellow Brazilians due to excerpts from his biography.

    Fans can't discredit Silva's skills, but his fights against Leites and Maia have been burned into MMA fans' minds with some fans continue to hold a grudge from those events.

Ben Askren

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    Ben Askren will more than likely be asked to become the face of Bellator with Eddie Alvarez without a belt and Hector Lombard leaving to join the UFC's ranks. Unfortunately for the promotion, Askren is not a name that elicits a positive reaction from MMA fans.

    Askren has yet to taste defeat and is the current Welterweight champion, but he isn't exactly the most exciting fighter in the sport. He brings a "funky" (pun intended) style of wrestling to the cage but doesn't display enough offense while on top of his opponents.

    The champion just defended his belt against Douglas Lima in April, his sixth-straight decision victory.

Chael Sonnen

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    Chael Sonnen is one of the very few people in the world that can piss off an entire country. Sonnen's rise to fame has coincided with an increase in his outspokenness as the wrestler has become the arch nemesis of Anderson Silva.

    It's not the attacks on Silva that have made Sonnen one of the most hated men, it's his attacks on the country of Brazil that set him apart from other fighters. Trash talk is considered the norm, but not many fighters choose to express xenophobic/racist thoughts about a fighter's country.

    Sonnen's WWE character can next been seen in the Octagon for perhaps the most anticipated rematch in UFC history when he takes on Silva for a second time.

Alistair Overeem

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    Alistair Overeem became one of the best heavyweights in the world despite not competing in the UFC until last Dec. Overeem validated his status with a dominant showing against former champion Brock Lesnar, but fans were still skeptical about his chances to stay relevant in the division.

    The doubts weren't due to people questioning Overeem's talents but rather his ability to pass a rigorous drug testing schedule now that he was in a major promotion.  Overeem's confidence never faltered as he had passed every test put in front of him.

    The K-1 champion threw away his biggest opportunity this year by failing a drug test following a press conference for UFC 146. Although not testing positive for any PEDs, Overeem's testosterone levels were extremely high as he displayed a 14:1 ratio.

    Fans that have been claiming Overeem is a cheater have their ammo while new fans dislike the Dutchman for throwing away the biggest opportunity of his career.