Why Anderson Silva Is Still the Pound-for-Pound Best in MMA

Tyson HarrisCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2009

Nate Marquardt: Georges St. Pierre is the pound-for-pound best, not Anderson Silva (Full Article Here)

Sorry, Nate, but you are wrong, in my opinion, and here is why...


My top 10 pound-for-pound rankings and reasons why Anderson Silva is No. 1.

1  Anderson Silva  

Fedor Emelianenko

3  Georges St. Pierre

4  Norifumi Yamamoto

5  Miguel Torres

6  Rashad Evans

7  Urijah Faber

8  Lyoto machida

9  Paulo Filho

10 BJ Penn


Anderson Silva is a fighter that you cannot even find words that begin to describe him. A lot of people talk about the losses on his record saying the losses are the reason he is not the pound for pound best. Personally, I say that is exactly the reason why he is the pound for pound best in the world. 

Silva’s last two losses were fluke losses the most recent being Yushin Okami by Disqualification (Illegal Kick); Silvaknocked out Okami from off his own back from the guard with a kick. If you get knocked out when you have the top position by a kick, you have to ask yourself how did that happen; because there is no way it should have.

Silva's next most recent loss is to Ryo Chonan by Submission (Flying Scissor Heel Hook); Silva was destroying Chonan and Chonan pulled this submission out of his…let's just say he pulled it out of thin air; I am willing to bet Chonan didn't even think he was going to land that move.

Since then, Silva has earned a black belt in Jujitsu; Now he is a top notch striker with added skill of submission and I am sure he has the needed submission defense needed to avoid  the Chonan outcome again. Just to note the black belt was earned under the Nogueiras.

Silvas loss against Takase Daiju by triangle was purely because he got out grappled at a time where he did not have the skills level needed to avoid the outcome and defend him self properly. Daiju was purely the underdog, the big thing is he had a game plan and he stuck to it, he didn’t try to fight hand to hand and executed the game plan to a tee. This also would not happen these days, at least it is very unlikely.

Anderson's only other loss was his very first fight against Azeredo, it is common that a fighter loses his first pro fight. Silva has came along way since that fight, also in my opinion Silva should have won the fight because all Azeredo did was lay on him; that fight should have been stood up a few times, and every time they were standing Silva overwhelmed Azeredo.

So in my opinion Silva only has one legit loss and it is against Daiju Takase who executed a perfect game plan at a time when Silva was not as well rounded of a fighter as he is today.

Personally I think Silva would walk through the light heavy weight division and would dominate a good number of heavy weight fighters, if not all of them. Silva has more tools then most and ties these tools together and make them flow better than anyone.

Silva walks around close to 230lbs, he cuts a lot of weight for 185 and even 205lbs fights.

A lot of people say Fedor is No. 1 pound-for-pound. Personally, I think Fedor is good but I think his recorded is padded with a bunch of bums to hype him up. Fedor hasn’t fought any top contenders, only UFC wash ups.

The best guy Fedor fought was Nogueira and he never finished him in any of their fights, Fedor couldn’t even finish Crocop and look what happen to Crocop when he fought in the UFC. I say Fedor is good, but I think Silva could beat him at a 215-220 catch weight, and I say put that super fight together to see who the true pound for pound champ is.  

As for GSP, he is great; he could walk through the middle weight division, if Anderson Silva, Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson retired or fought light heavy permanently.

I think if GSP fought Silva, GSP would get mashed all around in every aspect except maybe take downs—which he wouldn’t be able to do anything to Silva after he took him down if he was even able to score a take down with out getting took out. 

Everyone and their brother has seen that GSP has a suspect chin so, I don't know what Nate Marquardt is talking about. I think Anderson Silva would punch GSP jaw off in to the tenth row of the venue.


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