Miami Heat: Hello Micheal Beasley

Dallin PageCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2008

Well that just about does it, I’d say. Now, it's official. 

With the end of Dwayne Wade’s season, the Miami Heat have finally run out of places to hide. It’s ended, done, over, whatever you want to call it. There is no hope of finding any silver lining with the horrendous year that the Heat have just shown to us.

Well maybe—there is one thing.

The Heat, in all likely hood, have earned themselves the best chance to draft the man who is no question about it—the best player in the upcoming draft; Michael Beasley.

Though they endured one of the worst and most disappointing seasons in recent memory, the fans of Miami can take hope in the fact that they may be able to bring this monster in and turn things around.

With a core of Wade and Shawn Marion already in place, the Heat are really not as far off from being competitive as people might think. Actually, they very well could just be Beasley and a free agent or two from climbing back to the top tier of the East. That’s just the way the east works, it’s not nearly as difficult to rebuild than it is out West.

So we can see that the Heat have a chance. The only thing that could make this season any worse was if somehow the lottery decided to screw them and give them pick number 14. But considering what has happened so far this year, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.