STOP CRYING: Super Cena? Screw That!

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2009

I know what your thinking, "Does this guy really think he can stop me from hating on Cena?"

The Answer is NO, STOP CRYING is about showing you why complaining is pointless and possibly why you are wrong.

This is quite a subject to tackle being the second in this series, SUPER CENA!

All my time here in BR, I've been reading and writing Articles on Cena, and now all I read are complaints about Cena holding the title for too long, that he never wins... ugh, it's boring people!

Reading people say he always wins got tired the day they got written, last year alone, Cena put his opponents over at four pay-per-views, Wrestlemania, (Thereby ending HIS own perfect streak there), Backlash, Night of Champions, AND Summerslam. Dare I say it, he made Randy's reign great and credible (aside from the bout at NO WAY OUT). Now that No Way Out is over, we've seen that he lost to Edge, and will lose his rematch if he does not return to Smackdown!

Then there is the fact that he has been holding it forever, this is correct, but as Y2J would say, your all hypocrites.

Cena became the champ for the time he's been because he's been a money machine since his first US Title reign, and who's to blame? US, and the WWE for making his old gimmick interesting but more us.

I'm going to say what no one will admit, WE ALL AT ONE POINT LOVED CENA, most during his Eminem wannabe period and some still now, and that's why he's a money machine and that's why he is champ.

 Let him lose some merch sales and he'll be a heel I bet.  

The point is, we created the thing we seem to despise, so get used to it.