Steve Nash Soccer Showdown: Watch Elton Brand Smash Mike Dunleavy Jr.'s Face

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 28, 2012

Mike Dunleavy, Jr. has little to no face after Elton Brand rearranged it with the use of a simple soccer ball. 

Consider this a video illustrating just how awful world-class athletes can be at a sport they are not used to. 

It comes from a brief moment of brilliance during the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown in Chinatown. 

At some point, Elton Brand tries to offer an attempt at goal—at least that's what I am assuming—only it goes wide right and meets the elongated mug of Dunleavy.

While these aren't the best NBA players to ever suit up, you would still hope they would look a little less gawky out there on the pitch. 

The question I had to ask when seeing this for the 15th time is what the hell fans are doing, sitting so close to the field. 

My real fear is that—with this kind of talent—someone is going to lose an eye. 

For anyone thinking about watching some NBA stars take on the beautiful game of soccer, I would aim for the cheap seats and bring binoculars. 

It's safer that way. 

Unfortunately for Dunleavy, his face was not harmed. 


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