WWE News: Goldberg Wants to Wrestle Brock Lesnar Again?

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer IJune 28, 2012

Photo: allwrestlingsuperstars.com
Photo: allwrestlingsuperstars.com

According to WrestlingInc., former WCW/WWE superstar Bill Goldberg reportedly contacted Brock Lesnar about returning to WWE to work an angle with him. The report goes on to state that Lesnar "only has two major dates left on his current contract: Triple H at SummerSlam and whoever his WrestleMania XXIX opponent will be."

What do you think of this news?

I'd love to see Goldberg return, but not to work an angle with Lesnar.

For one thing, I'd save Lesnar's WrestleMania XXIX match for either The Undertaker or The Rock. 

Also, Goldberg and Lesnar fought at WrestleMania XX in what many fans consider a disappointing match, so it's a bit hard for me to understand why Goldberg would want to return for the purpose of working with Lesnar. Does Goldberg think he and Lesnar could put on a better match?

Ultimately, if Goldberg were to return, it'd probably be pretty hard to put him in a solid angle.

Throughout his entire wrestling career, Goldberg had been booked as an unstoppable force. However, WWE likely can't afford to have Goldberg demolish its current roster. Would Goldberg accept a lesser role?

If Goldberg returns, I'd like to see him work with Ryback—who has been on the receiving end of "Goldberg" chants ever since his debut. However, I would only want Goldberg to work with Ryback as his manager, not as his foe.

Then again, does Ryback need a manager? It seems that Ryback just needs real food (a feud).

What do you think? Should Goldberg return to face Lesnar? Should Goldberg return at all? If he were to return, what would his role be? 


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