Viral Video of the Day: Sergio Ramos Channels Andrea Pirlo with Cheeky Penalty

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Sharpen those pencils, kiddies. It's time for a pop quiz.

Problem: Anything Andrea Pirlo can do, Sergio Ramos can do…


(A) …second

(B) …with shorter, wimpier hair

(C) …not as nonchalantly

(D) …all of the above.


Today's B/R Viral Video of the Day features Spain defender Sergio Ramos scoring with a cheeky spot-kick during La Roja's 4-2 penalty-shootout victory over Portugal on Wednesday night in the Euro 2012 semifinals.

Hawk-eyed Euro 2012 fans will immediately recognize Ramos's Panenka penalty—good as it was—as a copycat move. See, in the quarterfinals, Italy's Andrea Pirlo did the same thing against England.

There were a few differences, of course. Ramos' kick might have sailed a bit higher, and it came in a later round than Pirlo's. But Pirlo's was much more unexpected, and after he scored it, he acted like it ain't no thang.

In fairness, though, Ramos helped Spain reach the final. That means his effort was important, too, even if it wasn't as zany as Cesc Fabregas' premonition penalty, which came complete with Happy Gilmore-esque ball-talking.

But what do the readers think? Was Ramos' penalty better than Pirlo's? Maybe Italy will beat Germany and we'll have a chance to settle this in the final with a Panenka-only penalty shootout.

Or did both Panenkas pale in comparison to Wednesday's other famous penalty? Did Cesc trump everybody with his ball-whispering antics?

Let me know in the comments.

Oh, and the answer to the quiz was D. Always go with "all of the above." Always.

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