Washington Wizards: 5 Inexpensive Free Agents the Wizards Need to Pursue

Darryl FetzCorrespondent IIJune 28, 2012

Washington Wizards: 5 Inexpensive Free Agents the Wizards Need to Pursue

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    With the third pick in the draft the Washington Wizards are probably looking to add depth to either the shooting guard or small forward position. Currently they have a lack of shooting ability on the team and need to address this both through the draft and through free agency. 

    No matter who the Wizards take with their draft picks, they will have to go after a low-cost free agent who can shoot the ball effectively as well. These are the five best options that would not cost Washington too much to pursue. 

Courtney Lee

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    Courtney Lee is a smart player who won't hurt the Wizards on either end of the floor. While his upside is not as great as some other players around the league, he is the safest free agent option. 

    Adept at scoring in all kinds of fashions, Lee would play excellently off the ball from John Wall and could help space the floor, a major concern for the Wizards. Lee has developed into a reliable three-point shooter and can make plays without the ball as well. 

    Lee is more than likely going to stay a Houston Rocket, but if there is a chance that he leaves then he would be my first choice as a free agent pickup for Washington. 

Danny Green

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    A player that really broke out this year, Danny Green became a three-point marksman for the San Antonio Spurs this season. Excellent from deep and solid on other aspects of offense, Green would be a nice fit next to Wall. Wall needs a player he can kick it to when he drives, and Green fits this role perfectly. 

    Whether he can continue his hot shooting throughout his career remains to be seen but Green is worth a look from the Wizards. His value should not be too high in free agency so if Washington does not get Lee I think Green would be the next best option. 

Brandon Rush

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    One of the elite three-point shooters in the league, Rush recovered from several subpar seasons to find his role in the Golden State offense. His shooting is much needed on the Wizards roster, and if he was on the roster then Rush would become the number one option from behind the three-point line. 

    Wall desperately needs someone next to him who can play off the ball well and Rush represents this. He doesn't bring much more to the offensive game but his shooting alone will guarantee that he gets a good contract this offseason. If other options in free agency fail, Rush would be a solid option to add to the roster. 

Gerald Green

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    Gerald Green has obviously matured since his days in Boston but he has not been consistent for long enough to be a safe pick. 

    His upside is tremendous but Green already has the habit of shooting too much. If a team gambles on Green and he loses his newly found shooting touch it will be a waste of money.

    That said he provides great scoring and would be fun to watch in the open floor with Wall. His shooting numbers have increased greatly since his earlier days in the league, and if he can continue his outside shooting he would be a decent option for the Wizards. 

O.J. Mayo

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    O.J. Mayo represents a hot topic for many around the NBA. Some believe he is a ball-hog who shoots too much while others are convinced he can improve if given the right situation. Personally I believe both are true, and could see Mayo being either a pariah or a savior on the Wizards. 

    One of the streakiest shooters in the NBA, Mayo can light it up from anywhere on the floor and isn't just a pure shooter. He can drive, come off screens and represents a talented offensive player who would pair up well with Wall. 

    His shot selection, much like Jordan Crawford's, is questionable at best. Even if he is not having a phenomenal shooting night he will continue to shoot throughout the game. Mayo has expressed his displeasure with coming off the bench for Memphis and would prefer a starting role in the league. 

    I still believe Mayo could turn into a valuable player and the Wizards desperately need his outside shooting. If they can get him at the right price, Mayo may be a great pickup for Washington.