5 Games That the New York Jets Should Win (but Will Probably Lose) in 2012

Mark Goldberg@MZGoldbergCorrespondent IJune 28, 2012

5 Games That the New York Jets Should Win (but Will Probably Lose) in 2012

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    We're still a few months away from the opening of NFL training camps, but that doesn't mean we can't start feeling giddy about the New York Jets and the 2012 football season.

    Unfortunately for us Jets fans, our wait for the opening kickoff is likely to be filled with Tim Tebow talk, another Darrelle Revis holdout and more Tim Tebow talk. The theme here seems to be a repetition.

    If this repetitious theme that has begun to appear in the offseason continues into the regular season, it's safe to say that the Jets will lose some games that they should win because, let's face it, the Jets always lose games that they should win.

    To say that they will lose five games against weaker opponents or in big spots may be a bit of a stretch, but because these games are always so unpredictable I figured I'd overshoot it a bit.

    Here are five games that the New York Jets should win, but will probably lose.

Week 1: Vs Buffalo Bills

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    I don't think I'm out of line in saying that you should win at home during kickoff weekend. I know the Jets barely escaped the Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium in week one last year, but a win's a win, right?

    They won't get so lucky this time around. 

    Although Gang Green will have an entire preseason to learn Tony Sparano's new offensive schemes, it is safe to assume that the Jets' offense may still sputter a bit out of the gates. The uncertain role of Tim Tebow within Mark Sanchez's offense won't make things easier.

    On the other side of the ball, the Buffalo Bills will be sporting a new star on defense in Mario Williams. The Bills' defense will be anxious to show up Rex Ryan's boys in his house.

    I have a hunch they won't leave disappointed.

Week 5: Vs Houston Texans

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    We now move from Mario Williams' new team to Mario Williams' former team.

    I know that last year the Houston Texans were a playoff team while the Jets went down to Florida for some January golfing. However, I'm using similar logic in this pick as I did in the first.

    A team should be expected to win a home game on Monday Night Football.

    Whether or not that's entirely fair, I don't know. I think it is. I think that under the bright lights and on national television, there's a different energy in the building that the home team should feed off of. 

    Revis should be playing at this point in the season, even if he does hold out during the preseason.  If he's not, god help us all. If he is back, Andre Johnson shouldn't be a problem.

    On the other hand, Arian Foster will most certainly be a problem. Rex's defense is typically very solid against the run, but Foster is the most dynamic running back in the NFL right now. 

    He will give the Jets more than they can handle.

    Wade Philips changed the face of the Texans' defense last year. Even with Super Mario out of the equation they should still be good enough to frustrate Sanchez and the boys.

Week 10: @ Seattle Seahawks

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    Most of you are probably like, "no way," but my seasoned Jets fan brethren aren't shaking their heads because they know I'm right. 

    The Seattle Seahawks are terrible. Flashy new uniforms aren't going to change that. But I put this game on this list for two reasons. Until last year, Rex Ryan's teams have been notoriously bad coming out of a bye week, and Rex Ryan's teams are notoriously bad when traveling to the West Coast. 

    I can't list any actual football-related reasons why the Jets will lose this game, just as I can't tell you why the Jets lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2009. 

    On top of that, if Rex has any sense, he'll take advantage of the bye and have his team in Seattle a little early that week. In fact, all signs will probably be pointing to a Jets' win leading up to the game.

    And that's why I'm sure they'll lose it.

    Look on the bright side, at least Shaun Ellis won't be there to throw any snowballs into the crowd after the game this time.

Week 12: Vs New England Patriots

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    We come next to the New England Patriots.

    In Rex Ryan's first two seasons as the Jets' head coach, he appeared to be on the verge of changing the power dynamic of the AFC East. In both of those years, the Jets won their home games against the Patriots.

    Despite losing both road games in the regular season, Ryan had his team superbly prepared as he coached the Gang Green to one of the greatest Jets' wins of all time in Foxborough during the 2010 playoffs.

    Last year was a crash back to reality as the Patriots swept the Jets. As much as it pains me to say it, I think it's going to happen again. It doesn't matter how bad the Patriots' defense may be, their offense has gotten even better with the signing of Brandon Lloyd. Revis can't cover him and Wes Welker at the same time. 

    But that's not even the worst of New York's problems. The additions of LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell at the safety positions are not going to be an adequate answer to the elite tight end pairing of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. 

    We may not be kissing any rings, but we sure ain't doing much damage to them either.

Week 16: Vs San Diego Chargers

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    This one might be a bit of a stretch. I said at the beginning that I was overshooting a bit, and I don't think the Jets will lose two of their prime-time games at home.  But they will lose one of them, and this could be the one.

    When I say this is a bit of a stretch, I don't mean to say that the Chargers are a bad team. I just mean that Norv Turner is their coach, and they're not very good. I always expect the Jets to beat the Chargers.

    With that said, the Jets match up pretty well with San Diego. They still have a tight end, and that's always a problem for the the Jets defense. The Chargers got better at the WR position despite the loss of Vincent Jackson, but the Gang Green has Revis and Antonio Cromartie, so it doesn't matter. 

    San Diego got better on defense through the draft this year too. They drafted OLB Melvin Ingram (AKA the guy the Jets should've taken) in the first round. It will be interesting to see at that point in the year whether Quinton Coples or Ingram is having the better rookie season.

    That will be far more interesting than watching the Jets lose a devastating game, and perhaps a playoff spot all in the same night.