NBA Draft 2012: 5 Players the New York Knicks Should Consider Drafting

Nick Krapf@@NickKrapfContributor IIIJune 28, 2012

NBA Draft 2012: 5 Players the New York Knicks Should Consider Drafting

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    This Thursday, the 2012 NBA Draft will have plenty of basketball fans glued to the TV. Many fans hope their team can pick the next Kevin Durant or LeBron James and avoid picking the next Eddy Curry or Darko Milicic.

    This year, the New York Knicks hold a second round pick (48th overall). Some might find this pick as a filler pick, someone to round out the end of the bench. However, there is hope.

    The last time the Knicks had a draft pick in the second round was back in 2010. The pick? Landry Fields, who was selected 39th overall and was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2011.

    Here are five players that the Knicks should select at 48th overall.

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5. Darius Johnson-Odom, Shooting Guard

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    Darius Johnson-Odom might only stand at 6’3”, but he has the wingspan of a 6’6” player. He has tremendous strength and speed that counters his lack of size at the shooting guard spot, and he moves very well with and without the ball. He can create his own shot off the dribble and is a great catch-and-shoot player.

    Size is the biggest flaw with Johnson-Odom. Even though he is the size of a point guard, he does not carry the instincts that would make him an effective point guard at the NBA level. In addition, he tends to keep his head down while driving to the rim. With that and his average touch around the basket, it makes him an inefficient finisher at the rim.

    With J.R. Smith declining his player option (via, I can see the Knicks drafting Darius Johnson-Odom. He was second in the Big East in scoring last year.

    Johnson-Odom can be a nice energy player off the bench and become a lethal shooting weapon if he performs much like he did last year with Marquette.

4. Kyle O' Quinn, Power Forward/Center

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    26 points, 14 rebounds and 2 blocks. That is what Kyle O’Quinn posted on college basketball’s biggest stage a few months ago when No. 15 Norfolk State pulled up the upset against No. 2 Missouri in the NCAA Tournament.

    O’Quinn is versatile on offense. Averaging 19.5 points per game this past season, he demonstrated the ability to score around the basket while posting a 61 field goal percentage inside the arc. On defense, he is not consistent but is still a lethal shot blocker with a wingspan on 7’5”.

    His weakness is the lack of competition he faced in college. He played for the very small Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, and when he did face competition, he struggled against the likes of Florida (four points) and Marquette (10 points).

    Even though O’Quinn is still a work in progress, he can be a great, big man to come off the bench. With the lack of a true center coming off the bench for the Knicks, O’Quinn can be that player to help eat minutes when Tyson Chandler is in foul trouble.

3. Robert Sacre, Center

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    If the Knicks are not looking for a defensive stopper (they do have Tyson Chandler, who was NBA Defensive Player of the Year), they can get a center with some offensive skill.

    Robert Sacre might have scored less than O’Quinn last year, but he consistently played against tougher competition. Sacre is classified as an old-school center with plenty of back-to-the-basket post moves and is very efficient from the free throw line, shooting 80 percent this past season. Sacre has lateral quickness to defend the perimeter against screens.

    While he is listed at 6’11”, Sacre tends to play “small” sometimes, not using his height or strength to bully opponents inside. Consistency is also a huge problem for Sacre. He tends to disappear in games if he is not getting touches on a consistent basis.

    If both Sacre and O’Quinn are still on the big board, and the Knicks are looking for a center, they will have a tough decision to make.

2. Tyshawn Taylor, Point Guard

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    With Baron Davis out until the 2013-14 season and Mike Bibby’s best days behind him, the New York Knicks need a point guard to back up Jeremy Lin. Tyshawn Taylor is one option the Knicks can choose, if available.

    Taylor had a spectacular season with Kansas this past year, averaging close to 17 points per game and shooting 48 percent from the floor. Taylor has great top speed which makes him deadly in the transition game. He is also very efficient off the pick-and-roll, something the Knicks did very effectively last year under Mike Woodson’s system.

    However, he lacks consistent production and has a number of off-the-court incidents. Taylor also struggles with turnovers, much like Jeremy Lin did in his first year with the Knicks. In games against good teams, he turned in his worse turnover performances. This includes 11 in the Duke game, seven against Ohio State and eight against Kansas State.

    Many teams will see the lack of efficiency and hesitate to draft Tyshawn Taylor, and there is no denying that that is a huge problem. With comparisons to 76ers Jrue Holiday, I personally think it is worth the risk to draft Taylor, especially if it only cost a second round pick.

1. Scott Machado, Point Guard

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    With all the firepower, the Knicks have in players like Lin, Anthony and Stoudemire it is obvious that they do not need more scoring. With that said, Scott Machado would be the perfect pick for the Knicks.

    With the lack of pure point guard in this draft, Machado has to be considered one of the top ones. He led the nation in assists with over 10 a game and is able to protect the ball (3-1 assist/turnover ratio). He also hits his shooters in rhythm on the perimeter and cutters in stride through the lane.

    He is not much of a scorer, only scoring over 20 points once this past season. And he played in a weak conference. Machado lacks the speed that most point guards at 6’1” have. This also affects his isolation defense, which could be an issue against NBA point guards.

    Overall, Scott Machado will not be a scorer by any means, but his ability to pass is almost quarterback-like. That, along with making his entire team look better, makes Scott Machado a great pick for the New York Knicks at 48th overall in this draft.