Shawn Marion Gets Shot at Redemption With Raptors

Jason ColdironCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2009

What is being overlooked in this deal?

The fact that Marion will get his opportunity to re-establish himself among the elite players in the NBA.

Marion was not a fit with Miami. Analysts and critics have used this season’s performance to write him off—calling him over the hill, overpaid, etc. But look closer for a moment.

Marion is only one year removed from being a key cog in the best offensive juggernaut in the league. He hasn’t performed up to par statistically this season, but who could expect him too?

He knew from day one that he wasn’t going to be with Miami long term. He no longer had an elite point guard to get him the ball. He was being asked to play out of position. He was basically being treated like an ugly stepchild in Miami.

Through this trade, he receives a chance to be reborn as a player.

He will once again be playing alongside an elite big man (Chris Bosh). He will once again be playing in an up-tempo offense led by an elite point guard. He will have the opportunity to effectively use his all-around game.

We’re talking about one of the elite athletes in the NBA, truly one of the elite defensive players in the league. Who else in the league (with the possible exception of LeBron) could you reasonably expect to be able to effectively defend all five positions on any given night? I’d say…nobody.

This second half of the season will give Marion the opportunity to showcase himself for his impending free agency. He will be on a team and in an offense that will allow him to blow up. The league will soon be reminded why such a short time ago he was considered one of the elite players in the game. And he will be again…soon.