Comparing Best & Worst Expert NBA Mock Drafts from Around the Web

Stephen Fenech@Fenech2491Correspondent IJune 28, 2012

Comparing Best & Worst Expert NBA Mock Drafts from Around the Web

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    The NBA Draft is almost upon us, so that obviously means that the internet is flooded with mock drafts from experts and fans alike. 

    At this point in the process, the only sure thing is that the New Orleans Hornets will be selecting Kentucky star Anthony Davis with the first selection. 

    After that, chaos is sure to ensue, and each and every mock draft will be proven wrong. This will be the case due to trades that will take place during the draft and the uncertainty that surrounds the event. 

    Mock drafts are usually controversial anyway—viewpoints on players and team needs are not shared by everyone, and players are valued differently. 

    Here are some of the mock drafts that are out on the web: included are some of the good ones, with a few of the more questionable ones thrown in for flavor. 

Good- Sam Amick

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    Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick's Mock Draft 4.0 is one of the best mock drafts on the web. 

    He has Thomas Robinson going to the Charlotte Bobcats with the second pick, but mentions that there is a possibility that they will trade the pick.  

    Amick is also high on Dion Waiters, as he has him going to the Toronto Raptors with the eighth pick. Waiters would instantly help Toronto's poor offense, as he is great at getting to the basket and is capable of becoming a great NBA player. 

    Amick has the Detroit Pistons taking ex-Tarheel John Henson with the ninth pick, and he is exactly what the team needs. Starting on day one, Henson will be a capable rebounder. His length and shot blocking capabilities will ensure that he has a long career in the NBA. 

    With the tenth pick, Amick thinks that the New Orleans Hornets will use their second lottery pick on combo-guard Austin Rivers. Some experts think that New Orleans will select another big man with that pick, but that would be a mistake. 

    Rivers is worthy of the selection because he has the ability to be a volume scorer in the NBA. He is confident, has great range with his jump shot and is a good passer. Pairing him with Anthony Davis will make the Hornets much better on both ends of the floor. 

    A few of Amick's other predictions include the Houston Rockets taking Perry Jones with the 12th pick and two time All-American Jared Sullinger slipping all the way to the Boston Celtics at the 22nd spot. 

Bad- Joel Brigham

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    The senior NBA writer at Hoopsworld, Joel Brigham's mock draft contains quite a few bold predictions—including Jared Sullinger coming off the board at the sixth spot to the Portland Trail Blazers.

    This is highly questionable, due to the fact that Sullinger has been flagged by NBA doctors due to back concerns. The Trail Blazers were thoroughly disappointed in Greg Oden, who never managed to stay healthy due to a series of unfortunate injuries. It is highly unlikely that the Trail Blazers have a desire to pick a player with injury concerns swirling around them. 

    It was also interesting to see that he thinks that the Washington Wizards will choose Kentucky star Michael Kidd-Gilchrist over ex-Gator Bradley Beal. The reality of the situation is that the Wizards are in desperate need of a knock-down shooter. Between Kidd-Gilchrist and Beal, Beal is the far better shooter. 

    It is not far-fetched to envision a future in which Beal is a perennial All-Star, and he has more upside than Kidd-Gilchrist due to his offensive abilities. 

    Brigham also has Terrence Jones getting picked by the Detroit Pistons at number nine. 

    Jones is one of the better scorers in this year's class, but it may be a bit of a reach for a team to take him at number nine. If the Pistons decide that Jones is the right player to help get them back to the playoffs, then I won't kill them for that call. 

    Brigham's mock draft has a few bold selections, but it seems rather unlikely that he will be proven correct on draft night. 

Good- DraftExpress

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    The people over at obviously believe that NBA teams are going to be focused in on explosive grounds in the latter end of the top ten. 

    They have Dion Waiters getting picked by the Golden State Warriors at the seventh spot, and Austin Rivers going to the Toronto Raptors with the next pick. 

    At the tenth spot, they have the New Orleans Hornets selecting ex-UConn guard Jeremy Lamb. At this point, it is fair to say that a team taking Lamb inside the top ten is a bit of a reach.

    This clearly shows that there is a huge demand for talented shooting guards. 

    They have Andre Drummond slipping to the Detroit Pistons at number nine, which is certainly plausible. If this were to occur, he would join Greg Monroe in Detroit's frontcourt. The thought of that pairing would probably be too much for Piston GM Joe Dumars to pass up on. 

    A few other notable picks include Jared Sullinger at number 19 to the Orlando Magic and French sensation Evan Fournier going to the Atlanta Hawks with the 23rd pick. Although their have been red flags raised about Sullinger's back, he is too good of a prospect for the Magic not to take with the 19th pick. 

Bad- Jason McIntyre

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    If the draft goes down the way The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre sees it, then Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers will be very happy. 

    McIntyre has the Portland Trail Blazers selecting Doc's son Austin with the sixth pick. The talk surrounding Rivers getting picked in the first half of the lottery has been dead for awhile, and the odds for it to occur seem to be very unlikely. 

    Rivers has the ability to become one of the best scorers in the NBA, but areas of his game must be addressed before that happens. 

    As for Doc's Celtics, McIntyre projects that they will pick center Fab Melo and the talented Perry Jones III with their two first round selections. These picks would go a long way in reloading the Celtics with good, young talent. 

    McIntyre also has another ACC product, ex-North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall, going inside the top ten. He predicts that the Toronto Raptors will look to add him to their backcourt with the eighth pick. 

    Picking Marshall with the eighth pick would be a reach for the Raptors, and quite a few experts have the team nabbing Dion Waiters at that spot. 

Good- Matt Moore

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    Matt Moore of CBS Sports has produced a mock draft that looks like it would be very reliable—if there were no trades. However, trades are obviously allowed and promise to shake up the draft in ways that cannot be predicted. 

    Moore's mock properly factors in past player production, team need and a player's upside well. His top five of Anthony Davis to New Orleans, Thomas Robinson to Charlotte, Bradley Beal to Washington, Kidd-Gilchrist to Cleveland and Harrison Barnes to Sacramento looks to be a good representation of the how the draft might go, barring any trades. 

    He does not see Andre Drummond slipping too far, as he has him going to the Portland Trail Blazers at number six. Perhaps Drummond and all of his upside will be able to do what Greg Oden failed to do—stay healthy and lead the Trail Blazers on a playoff run. 

    Moore has the Phoenix Suns drafting Kendall Marshall with the 13th pick to take over the point guard duties from Steve Nash. Marshall is a great facilitator, but has a long way to go before he is mentioned in the same breath as Nash in that respect. 

    Moore has Drummond's talented college teammate, Jeremy Lamb, getting nabbed by the Houston Rockets with the 14th pick. Considering that it has been reported that current starting shooting guard Kevin Martin won't return to the Rockets after next season, finding his successor is an important task.