Impact Wrestling Preview: Tag Team Title Match, Bound for Glory Series and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJune 28, 2012

It's Thursday again, and that means a new live episode of TNA Impact Wrestling!

The annual Bound for Glory Series is currently ongoing, and things in TNA Wrestling are certainly heating up.

For this episode, TNA has confirmed a couple of matches and at least two in-ring segments, so let's see what they have in store for the fans this week!

It's Gut Check Time: Will Taeler Hendrix Receive A TNA Contract?

When Open Fight Night was announced, TNA declared that they were bringing Gut Check to Impact Wrestling.

Once a month, a wrestler from the independent circuit would get a chance to wrestle a TNA wrestler in front of a live audience and impress the judges Al Snow, Taz and Bruce Pritchard.

Two months ago, Alex Silva wrestled Robbie E and received a contract, while Joey Ryan didn't get one after his match with Austin Aries last month.

Last week, June's Open Fight Night gave the opportunity to Taeler Hendrix in a match against former Knockouts champion, Tara. The fans seemed to like her, but will the judges have the same feelings?

Will Taeler Hendrix become TNA's newest Knockout, or will she be left with nothing?

The Bound for Glory Series Continues

Two weeks ago, the Bound for Glory Series made its return to TNA. Much like last year, 12 wrestlers will be competing in matches on television, pay-per-view and at house shows to earn points.

The final four then compete at September's No Surrender, with the winner getting a title shot at Bound for Glory. James Storm started out big, earning 20 points in a Gauntlet Match on the first night of the series.

Last week, all 12 men competed in singles matches against each other, and the competitors have competed at house shows since then as well.

The top four currently stands at James Storm with 36 points, Samoa Joe with 17, Kurt Angle with 10 and Mr. Anderson just one behind Angle.

Despite no matches being confirmed as of this writing, TNA fans are sure to see at least two BFGS matches on this week's show.

Who will be wrestling who? Which of the 12 wrestlers will be earning points?

The It Factor vs. the Greatest Man That Ever Lived: Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries Set for Destination X

Austin Aries has been dominating since his return to TNA Wrestling last July. He won the X-Division Championship in September, which only proved his dominance even more.

He has held the title ever since, being the longest reigning X-Division champion in history at 290 days. He has beaten everyone in the X-Division, though, and wanted the main event spot.

Two weeks ago, general manager Hulk Hogan made Aries an offer: keep the X-Division Championship, or give it up for a shot at the world title.

Last week, Aries accepted the offer under the condition that the X-Division champion could give up the title every year at Destination X for a shot at the world title if he so chose. Hogan accepted the condition and the match was made.

Bobby Roode has been dominating in his own right as well. He has taken down just about every big name talent in TNA, becoming the longest reigning world champion in company history at 245 days.

These two forces will clash at Destination X, but what will happen this week? Will they meet face-to-face in the ring? Will Hulk Hogan book them in warm-up matches?

A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian: Tag Team Championship

A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels have been feuding for almost a year now, as it was their match at last year's Destination X that sparked it back up.

Kazarian entered into the fold in December, turning on Styles to protect him from evidence Daniels had him. Kaz soon saw what Daniels was seeing, and stopped protecting Styles.

The evidence came out piece by piece and it looked more damaging as they were revealed. First was a photograph of Styles close to TNA president Dixie Carter, then was a video of them walking into a hotel room and finally was a phone call between them.

Kurt Angle entered into the feud somewhere in the middle when Daniels and Kazarian took credit for Angle defeating Styles in a match on Impact Wrestling. They simply got on his bad side, which is not a good thing when it comes to the Olympic gold medalist.

Styles and Angle took the Tag Team Championship away from them at Slammiversary, and Daniels and Kazarian will be getting their rematch this week.

Who will walk away with the TNA Tag Team Championship? Will the events of last week affect A.J. Styles or Christopher Daniels?

Also expect to see the situation between Styles and Dixie Carter, the woman they were helping and Daniels followed up on. The segment left a lot of fans confused, so TNA will no doubt be clarifying the situation this week.

This week's episode is looking like it'll be quite the good one. Will it be? Tune in at 8 ET to find out!