Connecticut Basketball: Projecting Andre Drummond's Skills as an NBA Player

Trevor LowryContributor IJune 27, 2012

Connecticut Basketball: Projecting Andre Drummond's Skills as an NBA Player

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    Andre Drummond may not be the ultimate prize of the 2012 NBA draft, but he is the best center available and he will be picked in the top 10, thanks to all of his skills.

    The NBA draft is filled with forwards, but what about the big men?

    Read on to see Andre Drummond's skills as an NBA player. 

On Offense

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    Andre Drummond may be able to hit open shots from time to time, and his post moves may suggest that he can overpower anyone in the paint, but that is not always the case.

    There were so many times this season when Drummond's offensive game was nonexistent. 

    If he cannot improve in the paint and add a mid-range jumper, Drummond will not be much of a threat on offense in the NBA.

On Defense

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    When you are already a seven-footer, it helps if you have mad hops. Andre Drummond matches this criteria. 

    Thanks to these two things, Drummond is one heck of a rebounder, which helps him on the defensive end of the floor.

    However, he can also block shots and his big body makes him a nightmare to go up against.

    Drummond will have no problems on defense at the next level. 


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    The good: Drummond played in his freshman season at Connecticut this past year and he managed to block 2.7 shots per game and rebound the ball 7.6 times on a nightly basis. His defensive abilities will not skip a beat when Drummond plays in the NBA. 

    The bad: Drummond has to improve in so many areas on offense if he plans on being more than a defender at the next level. He can start by improving his post game and then his effort when his team has the ball.

    Andre Drummond is a big dude and he could easily push people around on the court. He has all of the talent in the world, he just needs to use it all at once. 


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