Oakland Raiders: How It Should Be, and Just a Few Things I Want

Mike SommersContributor IFebruary 13, 2009

I hope the sleeping giant that is the Oakland Raiders wakes up from its six-year nap and attacks the rest of the AFC West. I mean, I want them to destroy clubs. I want them to treat their opponents like Pop Warner teams.

When the Raiders score, I want them to onside kick it to get the ball right back. I want teams to fear the hit from the Raiders defense that they know is coming from all sides. I want the Raiders dog-piling and gang-tackling.

I want the Raiders defensive line to make opposing offensive lines look like sieves. I want the Raiders defense to swarm to the ball like bees to a hive. I want tackles in the other team's backfield. I want the opponent's quarterback to be yelling at his offensive line, begging for protection.

I want the Raiders to be unpredictable. I want six yards on first down. I want the Raider players high-fiving the defense as they come off the field from a three-and-out. I want the Raiders to run up the score. I want the Raiders defense to hit so hard it causes turnovers.

I want the running backs to high five each other as they contribute to the well-being of the team. I want the Oakland receivers to do whatever it takes to catch the ball. I want blocking all over the field.

I want excitement every time the backs or returners touch the ball. I want a feared special teams. I want the Raiders' punter to have splinters from sitting on the bench so much.

I want the rest of the NFL to once again fear Raiders football, and I want it now!

And I believe Tom Cable is the guy to bring true Raiders football back to Oakland.

So count me in!

...The San Clemente Kid