Lakers Analysis: The Best Reason to Trade Kobe Bryant

Joe CottageContributor IJune 8, 2007

At least then he'll shut up.
That seems to me to be the best reason for the Lakers to ship Kobe Bryant out of Los Angeles: At least then he'll shut up. At least then we won't have to put up with the whining and the finger-pointing.
At least then Kobe Bryant will have to let his game do the talking for him.
Obviously, Kobe Bryant is an exceptional basketball player. Only an idiot would dispute that. What isn't so clear, though, is whether Kobe Bryan is or can ever be an exceptional winner.
And that's why I want to seem him off the Lakers.
If you listen to Kobe, he's not the problem in Los Angeles—the System is. Jerry Buss. Mitch Kupchak. His supporting cast. He can't win in LA, Kobe says, because they Lakers aren't good enough...and so he wants to move on to greener pastures.
Fine. Grant the man his wish. Ship him somewhere else...and let him put his money where his mouth is.
At least then we won't have to listen to his bitching.