Money in the Bank 2012: World Title Entrants Named and Guest Ref Added (Spoiler)

Gone Baby GoneContributerJune 27, 2012


Please keep in mind, the title says it all—this article contains spoilers from Tuesday night's SmackDown taping. So if you don't like spoilers, please stop reading.

Now, on to business.

Have you been looking for a reason to shell out another $50-plus on a WWE pay per view? Well, now you may actually have one.

The WWE has been pulling out all the stops with some compelling storylines and swerves along the way. Now, news is coming out that the World title participants have been revealed, and it's quite a showcase of the company's younger talents.

According to

The following wrestlers won matches during tonight's Smackdown taping to qualify for the World Title Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the Money in the Bank PPV:

-Damien Sandow
-Tyson Kidd
-Santino Marella

With the exception of Tensai and Christian, everyone else is under the age of 35. Which is kind of refreshing, considering the ages of everyone participating in the WWE MITB match.

Not to mention, Kidd and Sandow alone will make this match intriguing, as they both have not witnessed any sort of mainstream push and could easily be the spoiler of the night.

Now, on to WWE title news. also noted:

Vickie Guerrero announced during tonight's Smackdown taping that AJ will serve as the special guest referee for the CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan WWE Title match at the Money in the Bank PPV.

This was a pretty smart move by the WWE, as it adds more of a twist to the match, rather than adding another participant. Ultimately, the WWE has got something with AJ's "crazy girl" character, as she has proven time and again to be a bit of a loose cannon.

Let's face it. This love triangle is proving to be the story of the summer and could easily last another month if scripted right.

Hopefully, July's offering will prove to be as good as it's billed, and we will get some great angles heading into SummerSlam.