Montreal Mayor Gives Birth To a White Elephant!

joel kirsteinCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2009

When asked by the local Montreal media in 1972 if the grandiose plans for building facilities needed to host and stage the 1976 Olympic games would create a deficit or bankrupt the city, Mayor Jean Drapeau pompously spouted that,

"the Montreal Olympic Games have no better chance to have a deficit than a man has the ability to have a baby!"

In June, 1976 Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau gave birth to a White Elephant, The Olympic Stadium, that wound up costing over $1.5 billion and 33 years later is still being paid for by Montreal taxpayers and contributed to Quebec being the highest taxed place to live, in the Western Hemisphere.

Since the Expos were moved out of Montreal after 2004, The Big Owe sits unused for 360 days a year (except for the motocross & monster truck rally) and is falling into disrepair, is structurally unsound and should be condemned!