No Way Out 2009: HBK's Fate, No Holds Barred, and Two Chambers

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 13, 2009

As if we thought the Royal Rumble fallout was vital enough, there is something more vital to the WWE. 

No Way Out is this Sunday, and the outcomes of these matches and feuds are sure to affect Wrestlemania XXV, the biggest event in the WWE.

So far, there are no matches booked for Wrestlemania XXV. Since superstars need time to build up matches and feuds, I expect conflicts to arise soon. The RAW and Smackdown brands both have interesting stories. I want to know the directions these situations will head in.

ECW has made a splash even if that splash is small. As we all know, Christian has returned to the WWE, but not on Smackdown. Instead, the WWE threw Christian in the dungeon of ECW. He might be there a while, so he might want to settle in.

He did just that by challenging the "Daffy Duck sounding" ECW champion, Jack Swagger.

First, Swagger has to take on Finlay at No Way Out.


Finlay vs. Jack Swagger (c) (ECW championship)

I expect this contest to be a great opening match for No Way Out. If this contest is not the opening match, it should take place within the first two matches of the night. If this was the old Finlay from Smackdown, I would predict victory for him.

However, he has changed for the worse, and Swagger will not lose the belt so soon. Sorry Finlay. You love to fight, but you are not winning this fight.

Christian shall be awaiting Swagger, and Finlay will likely start feuding with lesser opponents such as Mark Henry or Paul Burchill.

Winner: Jack Swagger



John Cena has been a very lucky man. Cena must have Finlay's lucky charms. Ever since he captured the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Jericho at Survivor Series, it has been smooth sailing.

Jericho received his rematch at Armageddon and was beaten easily. Consequently, The Superstar of the Year is out of the picture.

Batista, who had beaten Cena at Summerslam 2008, was eyeing Cena's belt, but so was The Legend Killer and No. 1 contender, Randy Orton. The Legend Killer would not go away and would ultimately put Batista on the shelf with his trusty Orton Punt.

A Fatal Four Way Match was made between HBK, JBL, Orton, and Jericho to determine a new No. 1 contender. HBK had financial problems and was working for JBL, so he eliminated Orton and Jericho, then let JBL pick up the win.

As a result, JBL had HBK in his corner at the Royal Rumble Title Match. Cena once again overcame the odds.

HBK then lost his rumble qualifying match to Cena, and JBL finally became fed up with his employee. The two will have an "all-or-nothing" match with HBK's money and freedom on the line.

Randy Orton, the Royal Rumble winner, is occupied in a feud with the McMahons that started with a Punt to Vince McMahon's head. Cena is headed for an Elimination Chamber at No Way Out.


RAW Elimination Chamber

Cena seems to have the luck of the Irish once again in this bout. The chamber includes Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, and Kane.

The fans love Rey, and they love Kofi (I love him too). These two will entertain the crowd, but they will be destroyed by the end of the match.

Mike Knox is the definition of a filler. His sole purpose is to beat down someone, until he is "surprisingly" eliminated.

Then there is Kane. Unless the old Kane shows up, Cena has nothing to worry about.

Jericho is the only threat, but I do not see him getting the belt, Cena wins.

Winner: Cena


Smackdown Elimination Chamber

Smackdown has been a mess lately. Edge returns and wins the WWE title at Survivor Series, and then loses it to Jeff Hardy (who missed Survivor Series) at Armageddon.

At the Royal Rumble, Matt Hardy cost Jeff Hardy the WWE Championship in surprising fashion. The Hardy feud has been paused since Matt and Jeff has yet to have an "actual" showdown.

Edge has his hands full at the chamber this Sunday. Koslov, The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Big Show, and Triple H will all be participating in the Elimination Chamber. Edge might be in trouble.

I want him to walk out champion, but he could very easily drop it to Triple H (champ again!?) this Sunday.

The match might be between Edge and Triple H, but the rest of the guys are sure to make an impact, and with the way WWE is throwing curveballs, anything can happen.

Winner: Edge or Triple H

HBK vs JBL "All or Nothing"

Shawn Michaels has not received his wages from JBL. Then again, he has not done his job. 

Michaels left Cena and JBL victims of the Sweet Chin Music, and left them both for dead in the ring. JBL pinned Cena, but Cena kicked out. Cena overcame the odds that night, and HBK had another shot to get JBL is championship.

If HBK defeated John Cena, JBL would gain entry into the Elimination Chamber. JBL cost HBK the match, and became fed up with him.

JBL offered Michaels an all-or-nothing match at No Way Out. If HBK wins, then he is free from JBL's contract, and he gets the money JBL owes him. If JBL wins, then HBK will work for "Layfield Energy" forever.

JBL could win and then what? Would he offer HBK a second shot for freedom at Wrestlemania XXV? I like this story, but that scenario would be dragging it out.

HBK might have a dead man awaiting him soon. HBK is the showstopper and has to move on to a "real" feud with a "real" opponent especially for the 25th anniversary.

Winner: Shawn Michaels


Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton (No Holds Barred)

No one is certain how this match will end. One theory is that Shane will join The Legacy (what?).

Shane is going to put up a match as Orton tries to sell every move Shane does to him. WWE will try not to make it look like a squash match, even though we all know it is.

Eventually, Shane will fall to the man who hears voices in his head.

The only question is will Stephanie turn on Shane? There seems to be something mysterious about this match. We'll see this Sunday.

Winner: Randy Orton


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