Confessions of an Auburn Tigerette Marrying a Georgia Dawg: No Bull

Barbara Ann MooreContributor IFebruary 13, 2009

My parents made the cardinal sin of marrying during the Auburn-Georgia game in 1972.  Some of their best friends lugged a TV into a portion of the church called the "Cry Room," a glassed-in partition for parents with infants, so they could watch the game during the wedding ceremony.

This should tell you a little bit about the Auburn household in which I was raised.

To tell the truth, I thought college football was all about Auburn and certainly didn’t appreciate other teams, such as Georgia, until I visited Athens when I was a student at Auburn.

About three years ago, I met and have since become engaged to a true red and black Georgia fan. Believe it or not, he was raised in a similar environment, in a Dawg household. 

Auburn fans, during football season, do not appreciate Georgia fans, unless they are beating Alabama.  I would hazard a guess that Georgia fans feel the same about Auburn. We think Georgia fans are rowdy and like to disrupt our campus, and I understand; Georgia fans think Auburn folks are wild. 

In my awakening awareness of the Georgia traditions vs. those of Auburn, I have come to the conclusion that we are more alike than not. We all hate to lose. We both hate Bama. We love the SEC. We hate Tim Tebow. Our campuses are very similar in looks and size. We both have a deep appreciation for tradition.

Win or lose, there are terrific, wild, and insane tailgating parties.

I have one question, though—where did the UGA chant originate?  It is as rude a sound as the Florida State Tomahawk.  No offense; it just sounds like a crowd or people clearing their throats because they have the croup. 

Maybe it’s a Legacy Thing, I don’t know.   I am jealous because when I try to reproduce this sound, I end up with a sore throat and the center of unwelcomed attention.

But that’s okay; my Dawg Boy loves me anyway.