WWE Monday Night Raw: Psycho Sid "Rules the World" One More Time on Raw

William RenkenCorrespondent IIIJune 26, 2012

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

Heath Slater found out the hard way that Psycho Sid still, in fact, rules the world.

Slater, with his terribly uneven spray-on tan, sauntered down to the ring after weeks of humiliation at the hands of WWE legends to once again proclaim himself one of the top draws on Monday nights.

And much like his promo that summoned Vader from the depths of WWE history, Slater used Sid's famous catchphrase to lead into the superstar's return after 15 years of being away from the WWE.

By far, of all of the returning legends, Sid's was the one least expected among Vader, Mick Foley, Cyndi Lauper and Roddy Piper in recent weeks. But the Fort Wayne crowd was loud and vocal with chants of his name throughout and after the match.

Like the Vader match before him, Sid squashed Slater and finished him with his trademark release power bomb.

What was remarkable was not just the fact that Sid was back in a WWE ring, but that he was in a ring at all after one of the most gruesome injuries captured on television that befell the West Memphis native in 2001.

While working for WCW, Sid was approached about adding a different wrinkle to his wrestling repertoire: an aerial maneuver, something wrestling fans had not really seen throughout Sid's career.

Despite very vocal objections and an adamant stance that someone 6'9" and weighing 319 pounds really doesn't need a top rope move to get over with the fans, Sid reluctantly applied the note during the WCW titled pay-per-view "Sin."

In the midst of a four way match for the World Title, Sid climbed to the top rope while engaged with Scott Steiner.

The idea was for Sid to hit Steiner with a big boot from the top rope, which could have been the worst move for someone of Sid's coordination to attempt.

As Sid stuck out his right boot to impact Steiner, his left leg was left to brace the impact of the jump.

What resulted was Sid's tibia and fibula snapping instantly upon landing with bone piercing through the skin.

If you can stomach watching the clip from the pay-per-view, click on the this link. WARNING: This injury is very graphic and not for the weak of heart.

With last night's appearance against Slater, Sid showed no real signs of the injury from 11 years ago. Although a squash, it certainly hearkened back to his days as Sid Vicious when he terrorized many an opponent en route to main event status in WCW and WWE.

In a less-graphic video than the previous, Sid expressed his gratitude for the appearance on last night's Raw during an interview shot exclusively for WWE.com.

Hopefully it is not the last time we see "the ruler of the world" in a WWE ring in the years to come.

One thing you can always count on in wrestling is that nostalgia will always be in.