Deron Williams: Nice Try, but Birthday Wishes Won't Keep Star PG with Nets

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Deron Williams: Nice Try, but Birthday Wishes Won't Keep Star PG with Nets
The Nets dropped this off in front of Deron Williams' house this morning, according to his wife's Instagram album.

Did free-agent point guard Deron Williams wish he could sign with the Brooklyn Nets when he blew out his birthday candles today?

Well, the Nets sure hoped so, and used a billboard at least three babies high and five babies long to try to woo him. Williams woke up on his 28th birthday this morning and found a billboard outside his door wishing him a happy birthday from the Brooklyn Nets, as his wife, Amy, shared via Instagram.

It's a nice gesture, in a My Super Sweet 16 kind of way, but the Nets aren't trying to capture the heart of a teenage girl. If they were, the presence of Kris Humphries on the roster would be enough.

The problem is that the Nets are trying to capture the heart of an NBA superstar who just watched a big three formed exclusively in one free agency period win the NBA title over an emerging big three in Oklahoma City.

And there are teams out there with cap space and superstars, like Dallas and Dirk Nowitzki, and teams with enough trade assets and leftover stars to be immediate title contenders, like the Lakers and Kobe Bryant.

And then there are teams trying to bring in multiple superstars, like the Rockets, who are at least swinging for the fences by actively pursuing the idea of bringing in both Williams and Dwight Howard (per

Basically, all these teams have a lot more going for them than an aging Gerald Wallace and a new logo, as The Basketball Jones humorously points out in its rejected birthday signs from the Brooklyn Nets.

If I'm you, Brooklyn, I start exploring those sign-and-trade options with the Lakers and Rockets, and anyone else you can drum up. Because if you think that roster looks barren now, just wait until you get nothing for Williams.

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