NBA Draft 2012: 5 Benefits a Kyle Lowry Trade Would Bring the Toronto Raptors

Rahim Andani@bubba1580Contributor IIIJune 26, 2012

NBA Draft 2012: 5 Benefits a Kyle Lowry Trade Would Bring the Toronto Raptors

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    ESPN’s Chad Ford and Marc Stein reported on Sunday the Houston Rockets are trying to acquire high draft picks in order to form an attractive trade package for Dwight Howard.

    Rumor has it Toronto will trade the eighth overall pick for Kyle Lowry.

    This trade has the high cost of a draft pick but will bring a wealth of benefits to the Toronto Raptors.


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    Kyle Lowry is a scorer. He can shoot the three (37% last season) and break down defenses with his dribble-drive penetration.

    The Raptors currently lack shooting prowess and someone who can create his own shot. Lowry can satisfy both needs.

Easy Shots for Andrea Bargnani and Demar DeRozan

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    Current point guard Jose Calderon is a facilitator and not a scorer. While Calderon can flawlessly execute a play, he does not draw defensive attention away from Toronto’s main scorers, something Lowry would be able to do.

    Lowry is the type of player who will frequently get hot and be the offensive focal point. He will also draw double teams. This means more open shots and increased production out of Bargnani and DeRozan.

Fast Break Points

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    Lowry is a solid defender who averaged 1.6 steals last season. He will pressure opposing point-guards into turnovers and get up the floor quickly. 

    Combine Lowry’s steals and athleticism with DeRozan’s finishing, and the Raptors offense just added a whole new dimension.


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    Lowry is a complete player. He scores, creates offense for others (7.2 assists as a starter last season), plays defense and rebounds (5.3 rebounds as a starter last season). Last season when healthy, he was a triple-double threat every game.

    Lowry is in a level of talent just below an all-star but higher than that of Jose Calderon. His addition to the roster will mean more wins for the Raptors next season.


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    Lowry is only 26 and is still blossoming. Furthermore, he has significantly improved in the last two seasons. Anyone who watches him will say, “He can go anywhere.” 

    The Raptors would not be losing any potential talent in trading the eighth overall pick, only exchanging it for a different kind of potential.

    Kyle Lowry would become a cornerstone of the Raptors franchise for the next five years. 

    If Houston is game, Toronto should get this done.