Norris Cole's Flattop and 10 Best NBA Haircuts

Matthew Sundberg@@MattSunny10Correspondent IIJune 26, 2012

Norris Cole's Flattop and 10 Best NBA Haircuts

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    The NBA Finals have come and gone and LeBron James has captured his long-coveted ring. What stole the show for me though was Norris Cole's remarkably sharp haircut that looked like it was finished with laser-level precision.

    Seriously, Tiger would love to putt on a surface that flat.

    However, Cole wasn't the only one who sported a hairstyle this season that made "head"lines.

    See what I did there?

    Never mind. On to the hair.

Not-so-Honorable Mention

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    Before we get to the good, let's start with the well...bad.

    We could go a number of ways here and mock a league where the trend is to have no hair. Derek Fisher and Ray Allen offer up a number of bald jokes that all usually result in some sort of rendition of "cue ball" or "shiny."

    Too easy.

    I vote we examine the tussled mop of Joakim Noah. He uses no sheek nor shine on his shoulder-length locks, and throws it all into a steel wool foliage bush bun that a 12-year-old girl would be jealous of. 

    Whenever he dunks I expect a sparrow or seven to be jangled haphazardly out of their nesting place.

    Two words. Buzz. Cut.

10. J.J. Redick

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    I thought only soccer players could get away with the hair-gel spiked look during competition. J.J. Redick thought otherwise.

    Redick's got the hair that most movie stars have. The "I just rolled out of bed and my hair just found the perfect angles" look.

    I tried doing the same thing once. Styling gel didn't help my three-point percentage at all.

9. Chase Budinger

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    The fact of the matter is that blond hair is a rarity in today's NBA.

    When you rock it as hard as Chase Budinger does, I will find room for you on the list.

    The blond combined with the Cory Matthews season 1 style hair make it a no-brainer.

8. Andrew Bogut

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    It's true that Andrew Bogut missed most of last season with an injury.

    It's also true that Bogut has some of the most recognizable hair in the NBA. He stencils his 'do from the Steve Nash hair of old.

    But when that happens, you also get that feminine push of the hair behind the ears every time down the floor. Even an Australian guy can't make that manly.

7. Ricky Rubio

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    I was trying to make a list avoiding the Bieber style.

    I failed.

    As a general rule, the Europeans are going to have better hair styles and longer locks. Rubio exemplifies that pretty well.

    It's another one of those styles that needs work to show that he doesn't care. Kind of like David Stern with the conspiracy theories around the NBA.

    Conspiracy theories, Europe, and Justin Bieber—Yep, I'd say Rubio's hair has got it all.

6. Steve Nash

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    While he doesn't have the long, wavy hair that should of had a headband of old, he still knows how to style a nice flow.

    It's just the word to describe Nash's hair, game, and lifestyle.

    He claims he's got about three years left in him. That's enough time to bring back the retro-Nash.

5. Robin Lopez

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    Robin Lopez is one of the few people on the planet that can pull of the shaggy terrier look. It's messy, it's curled, and it looks like it just came out of of the hair dryer after talking to a 87-year-old woman named Myrna.

    But it looks good.

    Seriously, this look isn't for anyone, and even though it looks breezy, it takes some professional care to form hair like this. Don't approach it lightly.

4. Kenneth Faried

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    Faried isn't the first one to opt for the pulled-back-dreads look, but he certainly does make it cool. The hair became a staple back from his days at Morehead State, and I'm glad he decided to roll with it into the NBA.

    I've always associated it with a laid-back, suave lifestyle, but most fans agree it's become his mane for his "Manimal" nickname.

    And when you're a suave lion, not many people will question your hair style.

3. Anderson Varejao

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    Varejao was doing the Robin Lopez mop top before the Robin Lopez mop top was cool.

    Okay, maybe it's not considered cool, but he is definitely the other person on the planet that society should allow to wear it and—he does it better.

    Not only does it fall in neater and tighter um... spirals? But he uses it to his advantage.

    You can't tell me that if you're a referee and Anderson flops you're not the least bit swayed to call a charge when his hair flies quite literally out of its curlers.

    I think it's where Disney Channel's Corbin Bleu found his inspiration.

    Who says these guys aren't role models?

2. Norris Cole

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    I said it before, but I will gladly say it again.

    Norris Cole's flattop in the finals was amazing.

    Sure he came in and hit some timely shots and showed some prowess for a rookie, but that cut was straight from the '90s, and I loved it.

    What people don't understand is the amount of work that goes into a shaping a flattop. A human head isn't meant to grow like a terrace, and it takes a great deal of manscaping to get the top yard perfect.

    Is it so wrong that I want to place a bouncy ball on top of it and just watch it stay still?

    Oh it is, huh?

    I mean... nice hair, man.

1. James Harden

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    James Harden has had a rough couple of months.

    First he gets cold-cocked with one of the dirtiest elbows in history, and then turns in an abysmal final series performance as his team gets bounced in Game 5.

    What can be said about Harden, though, is that he's stayed true to himself.

    "Himself" is apparently a Mr. T look that Mr. T is jealous of.

    The Mohawk has become a staple of his appearance, and fans have come to love it. A building in OKC was even decorated on the outside with a beard and and Mohawk to showcase it's Thunder love.

     The Heat may have won the ring, but give me the Thunder hawk any day.