5 Legends That Should Be on the WWE Raw's 1,000th Show

Brent Turner@@BrentTurner1Correspondent IIIJune 26, 2012

5 Legends That Should Be on the WWE Raw's 1,000th Show

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    It is quite a feat to produce a show that spans 1,000 episodes, but that is where Vince McMahon and his WWE find themselves next month.  I tip my hat to them as they reach this milestone.  At times, the product has been stellar, gripping the viewer for the entire two hours, while other times I have been ready to flip the channel quickly.

    That being said, here are five legends that I think should appear at the 1,000th Raw.  These are all individuals who are not affiliated with any other organization and would be able to appear.  I also took into consideration those Superstars who have not appeared on WWE programming in awhile, so the shock value will be there for the fans.  

5. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

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    Bobby Heenan is one person that epitomizes the early years of the WWE.  It is a shame how his health has taken the "spunk" out of him, but I think that he deserves one final standing ovation, because if Jim Ross is the voice of the WWE, then Bobby Heenan was a voice of the 80s and 90s.  

    His banter with Gorilla Monsoon and Vince McMahon was priceless, and I have included some of his best lines with the video attached.  

    I am not sure if we will ever see a sidekick announcer with the wit and wisdom like we saw in Bobby Heenan.  Salute to you Brain!

4. Bret Hart

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    The "Hitman" carried the Raw episodes for many years.  At a time when the WWF/WWE lacked top quality superstars, Bret Hart delivered night in and night out.  I have never been a big mark for him, but I respected the years that he put into the business, and the effort he gave each time he stepped in the square circle.  

    Granted, Hart has made some appearances over the last few years on WWE television, but it would be nice to see him added to a show that he helped create.  

3. Lex Luger

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    Once again, someone that probably didn't get as much credit as he deserved, but Luger was a big draw for years.  He may not have left the WWF/WWE on the best terms, but Luger definitely has a place in wrestling history.  

    His life is one that has seen its share of ups and downs, but having Luger show up on Monday Night Raw would give the fans a treat they will not soon forget.  

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    If we were to divide Raw's 1,000th show into two halves, it would be safe to say that Austin influenced both halves.  As the WWE was looking for someone to replace Bret Hart, Steve Austin morphed into the beer drinking, finger saluting champion that clashed with Vince McMahon any chance he got.  

    Each week, millions of viewers tuned in to see what exactly Stone Cold had up his sleeve.  From the beer truck to the continual stunners, Stone Cold Steve Austin brought excitement each week for two hours.  It will be a shame if he is not a part of the show in some fashion.  

1. Ric Flair

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    As Ric Flair has ended his time with TNA, there is no better spot for him to wrap up an illustrious career than appearing on Monday Night Raw.  Granted, Flair was with WCW for many of the years that Raw competed head-to-head with Nitro, but there are few superstars that get the reaction from the fans as Flair does.  

    This guy has been wrestling for 30 years and it is a shame to see how TNA used him over the last few years.  Though the in-ring skills have diminished, there were few wrestlers that could match him on the mic.  

    It would be a great move for the WWE to bring in Flair to celebrate the past and set the stage for the future.  


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    Thank you for reading.  It has been a few weeks since I have contributed to the pages, but I do appreciate your comments and suggestions.  Keep in mind that I was staying away from those superstars (the Rock) that have appeared somewhat recently on WWE programming.  

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