Debating the Most Overrated NBA Free Agents on the Market

Joel C. CordesNBA Associate EditorJune 26, 2012

More than 170 of last year's 450-plus NBA players are now free agents. However, quite a few of them are overrated and not worth the asking price.

There are a lot of big names like Steve Nash, Roy Hibbert and Nic Batum available, yet most participants in the 2012 NBA free agency period are not bona-fide superstars. In fact, one could argue that only Deron Williams and Eric Gordon are deserving anything near max money.

And with an extremely deep draft classes available this year, many of these free-agent rotation starters and role players are relatively expendable.

NBA Featured Columnist Joel C. Cordes and NBA Assistant Editor Ethan Norof discuss which mid-tier free agents are overrated. These are the guys whose asking price needs to settle with the market before they become worth a look.

In more than one case, the player's perceived value is only a measure of the past rather than what they're about to produce. For others, it's about realizing that a development ceiling is much lower than commonly thought.

On tap are some notable names like the Dallas Mavericks' Jason Kidd and Jason Terry, Portland Trail Blazers' Jamal Crawford, Boston Celtics' Brandon Bass, Los Angeles Lakers' Ramon Sessions and Minnesota Timberwolves' Michael Beasley.

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