Watch Raul Mondesi Jr. Forget to Touch Home on Game-Tying Home Run

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 26, 2012

This is an awesome video that features the dramatic stylings of Raul Mondesi Jr. For our purposes, he will be playing both the hero and the goat. 

The YouTube description tells us that this is the 10th inning of a Pioneer League regular season game in Helena, Montana. 

Mondesi Jr. currently plays rookie ball for the Brewers organization in Helena, and pops would be proud of this home run he blasted to tie the game up. 

You can see the pure defeat on the pitcher's face, as he sinks his head and throws his hands to his face in despair. 

No worries, an epic fail is rounding third, about to save the team from the clutches of a Pioneer League loss. 

As you can see, the umpire and catcher are keenly watching home plate when Mondesi crosses, and that's when the catcher nearly jumps out of his cleats with glee. 

In fact, the usual dance of "how are we supposed to appeal?" commences around the plate. If you think the other team would be up in arms, think again. 

Helena's Independent Record quotes Mondesi's manager. 

Did he miss home plate? You tell me, because I don’t know, I didn’t see it. On any home run, the umpire has one job, and that’s to watch the plate and make sure the runners touch it. He said he (Mondesi) missed it by eight inches. 

It’s a terrible way to lose a ballgame, but the guys learned a good lesson. From now on, make sure you jump on the plate on a homer. 

Take note, young sluggers. 

When hitting a home run, make sure you take care of the easiest task in baseball, touching the bag. 


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