NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets Put Franchise Hopes on Crazy Person Dwight Howard

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NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets Put Franchise Hopes on Crazy Person Dwight Howard
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It appears clear now that the Houston Rockets’ plan is to nab Dwight Howard. Whether or not it is wise to pin the hopes of the franchise on a player who probably won’t even sign long-term with them apparently doesn’t matter.

According to Jonathan Givony of Draft Express, Houston is offering the Sacramento Kings the No. 14 and 16 picks for Tyreke Evans and the No. 5 pick.

This appears to be yet another move in their master plan to acquire Dwight Howard. The Rockets already traded Chase Budinger to Minnesota for the No. 18 pick according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Since the Rockets are now trying to trade two of their three first-round picks for a better pick and Evans, it appears that the Magic weren’t keen on giving up Howard for the picks and players that Houston already had.

However, Houston’s management needs to look in the metaphorical mirror and ask itself, “Is this the right thing to do?”

According to a report from, there is “not a chance” of Howard signing long-term with the Rockets if he is traded there by the Magic. So the point for the Rockets is?

It makes sense that the Rockets want a superstar to build around, but they can’t do that if he is going to leave. We all saw the mess that Howard put the Magic through at the trade deadline this past season, and it wouldn’t be worth it for Houston to go through something similar if Howard is just going to leave anyway.

Right now, Houston has a ton of young, tradeable talent along with three first-round picks. Other GMs in the NBA would be drooling to be in such an advantageous situation. The Rockets can move up or down or just continue to build with youth. They can trade or not. They have all the power to decide their fate.

Instead of using that to build a balanced team that could contend for many seasons to come, they apparently want to gamble it all to get just one season with Dwight Howard.

Maybe it is just me, but I don’t get it. It takes more than one player to win. Even if you get Howard, it does you no good if you have to give up everything just to get him.

That’s especially true if he leaves in free agency after just one season. Then, the Rockets are left with a depleted roster and no star.

Can that really be what they want? Maybe so.

Then again, Dwight Howard has proven himself to be crazy and maybe the Rockets are trying to prove that they are just as crazy as him. Maybe, they are a perfect match.

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