Clay Buchholz Needs To Leave Red Sox Before He Proves Worthless

John GrayCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2009

The Red Sox need to trade Clay Buchholz (and his Penthouse Pet girlfriend) for a much-needed young catcher before he becomes an overrated bust like Craig Hanson.
Unfortunately, the Red Sox, like many other teams, overrate their prospects and hold on to them too long. Buchholz had a no-hitter in his second start, but aside from that momentary highlight, he has not shown much else when given the chance last year.
If he struggles coming out of the gate this year, then his value is minimal. I would rather the Sox trade past solid major league contributors for unproven talent than spend another season watching those talents decline.
Of course, every decade or so, a Jeff Bagwell or Sparky Lyle will develop, but they are too few and far between. The Sox reportedly could have had Roy Oswalt for Hanson and Delcarman.
Or, the Sox can trade the developing talent to the welfare markets like Pittsburgh and wait for it to develop, then re-acquire it via trade or free agency, assuming they happen to blossom to high expectations and demand the big pay raise that only Boston, New York, and a few others can afford.  
I hope the Sox don't hesitate trading Buchholz before he loses his market value.

Oh, and the Atlanta Braves are fools to pay Lowe $60 million for four years.