Sycho Sid: WWE Return on RAW Gives Former World Champion's Career Needed Closure

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistJune 26, 2012

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Sycho Sid's road back to wrestling prominence was a long and arduous one. He hadn't competed in the WWE since 1997, and he hadn't wrestled in a major promotion of any kind since WCW in 2001, but his return victory over Heath Slater on RAW gave him the closure that he deserved.

Despite his somewhat limited wrestling ability, Sid carved out a nice career for himself in the wrestling business. He was a two-time world champion in both WWE and WCW, and he was a main-eventer in both promotions for a fairly brief period of time. He wasn't a technical marvel by any means, and his mic skills lacked in terms of substance and sharpness, but he was a big, scary guy who seemed bred for the wrestling business.

It appeared as though Sid's fruitful wrestling career had come to an abrupt end in 2001, however. At the age of 41, Sid was at the pinnacle of WCW. While that is generally considered the darkest time in the defunct company's history, Sid was a major player. He was coming off a couple reigns with the World Heavyweight Championship and remained involved in high-profile angles.

At WCW's Sin pay-per-view, however, Sid suffered a severely broken leg when he attempted a big boot from the middle rope on Scott Steiner. He landed awkwardly and broke both his tibia and fibula. This was the fault of WCW management as Sid was asked to broaden his move-set despite the fact that he had never attempted aerial maneuvers during his lengthy career.

Sid attempted to rehabilitate the injury, but WCW was bought by WWE, and he was soon out of a job. He was finally able to return to in-ring action on the independent scene in 2004, and while it wasn't exactly the big time, that was a victory for him at the time. As Sid continued to age, though, it didn't seem like he would ever step foot in a WWE ring again.

In anticipation of the 1,000th episode of RAW, however, the WWE has been bringing back former RAW main-eventers over the past few weeks, and Sid finally got his chance. Things were the same as they ever were with Sid as he looked crazy and unstable as he walked to the ring. He wasn't as impressive in his match against Slater as Vader had been a couple weeks earlier, but his patented powerbomb was executed perfectly, and he received deserved chants from the crowd.

Sid's match with Slater may ultimately be remembered as a throwaway segment, but it had to feel like the main event of WrestleMania for Sid. When he initially suffered his leg injury in WCW, he had already spent a lot of years in the business, but with how prominently he was being featured, I doubt he was ready for his career to be over.

Perhaps his quick match with Slater made all of the rehabilitation and the years spent on the independent scene worth it for him. Sid headlined WrestleMania twice and did the same at countless WCW pay-per-views as well, and while he can probably reflect on all of that now, his RAW return had to feel just as special as any match he has ever wrestled in.

It's quite possible that Sid will never be seen in the WWE again, but I'm sure that even he is fine with that. I'm not one of those guys who thinks every returning wrestler should be signed to a contract, and Sid certainly shouldn't. It was great to see him back for one night, though, as his career was finally able to come full circle.


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