UFC 147 Results: Ranking the Matches from Best to Worst

Nathan Giese@@gieseflysouthSenior Analyst IIJune 26, 2012

UFC 147 Results: Ranking the Matches from Best to Worst

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    Fresh off a successful UFC 147, MMA fans have been in massive discussions regarding the many thoughts and feelings about the fights.

    After several main-event changes that ended up seeing Wanderlei Silva take on Rich Franklin, UFC 147 can be considered a success as well as a failure, depending upon whom you ask.

    This event will be considered a victory for UFC, as they garnered more than 20 million viewers in Brazil, even though they were offering free tickets due to the multiple card changes.

    After the rather controversial card, here is a ranking of the matches on the main card.

1. Rich Franklin Def. Wanderlei Silva

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    This bout gets the nod here, not because it was spectacular, but because it was nicely done by two veterans who hadn't expected to be the main spot in the first place.

    Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen was first, but that fight got pushed back to next month's UFC 148.

    Then, Wanderlei Silva was supposed to take on Victor Belfort, but Belfort suffered a broken hand, thus Rich Franklin was inserted as his replacement.

    Chris Nelson of Sherdog.com put it best in describing the bout:

    In the end, Franklin-Silva 2 did not turn out to be “Fight of the Year” or even produce a “Round of the Year” candidate.

    It was a perfectly serviceable match between two name veterans that went very much the way many felt it would—again. For a minute in Round 2, though...oh, for a minute, it looked like something wild.

    Franklin won the bout in a unanimous decision, and now MMA fans are calling for Silva to retire before his body fails him any more.

    It may not have been the greatest bout, but it did nicely for something that wasn't supposed to happen in the first place.

2. Cezar Ferreira Def. Sergio Moraes

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    In another match that saw a replacement used, Cezar Ferreira knocked off Sergio Moraes—who was stepping in for the injured Daniel Sarafian—to take home the Ultimate Fighter: Brazil championship.

    Moraes was knocked out of the competition by Sarafian in the semifinals but stepped up nicely to challenge Ferreira, who used his overall power and agility to out-duel his opponent.

    Brian Hemminger of MMAMania.com highlights one of Ferreira's biggest flaws throughout the battle:

    Instead of trying to outwork Moraes in the stand-up, "Mutante" was completely focused on the highlight reel knockout, perhaps believing he had the fight in the bag.

    This created big openings for Moraes and he took advantage, landing a big right hand and then following up with a huge flurry of strikes that nearly put Ferreira out in one of the biggest surprises of the bout.

    For Ferreira, he almost cost himself the bout by going for that one big blow but came away with a unanimous decision regardless. A solid encounter all around.

3. Rony Mariano Bezerra Def. Godefredo Pepey

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    This fight can be better known for the "Was he or wasn't he crying?" question surrounding Rony's entrance into the ring.

    Officials had ruled he would not be allowed to wear his Jason mask to the Octagon, making him very emotional—potentially in tears—causing the contest to be rather interesting.

    Again, Hemminger provides some good insight into this bout on MMAMania.com:

    Pulling guard can work if you're very quick with sweeps or submission attempts, but everything Pepey threw up at Bezerra seemed ineffective or took far too long to set up.

    This really got the Brazilian fans riled up as Bezerra's passivity in the stand-up portion was making the fight uninteresting and frustrating no matter where it went.

    Pepey's inability to strike Bezerra effectively cost him the bout and his shot at Ultimate Fighter glory. While Bezerra may have been crying on his way into the fight, it was Pepey who was sent home early.

4. Hacran Dias Def. Yuri Alcantara

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    Rookie Hacran Dias took on Yuri Alcantara in their featherweight bout, proving the hype that had surrounded the youngster into his first cage action in UFC.

    Dias dominated the entire bout, earning himself a unanimous decision in the process.

    Alcantara wasn't able to get anything going unless the referee would allow a stand up.

    When he was on the ground, Alcantara received numerous blows from Dias, which eventually led to the decision.

    For Dias, it was about showing his worth with the big boys. And he did just that by taking care of Alcantara in dominating fashion. Not much else to say regarding the contest.

5. Fabricio Werdum Def. Mike Russow

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    For a bout that featured an undefeated brawler, it did not appear to be even close to that.

    Mike Russow came into his bout against Fabricio Werdum 4-0 in his UFC career, earning himself a reputation to take a beating but still earn the victory.

    He would not have the same luck this time around against Werdum.

    Werdum dominated every aspect of the bout. From the ground game to stand-up style, Russow never stood a chance against the more determined Werdum.

    Overall, the match was pretty one-sided. It was over once the bell sounded.