LSU's Spring Game Will Be a Curiosity for SEC Opponents

Leo DonelonCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2009

The enigma of last season for the SEC was LSU.  If you had a heart to heart talk with every SEC head coach, they could tell you in detail what the Tigers' problems were. They could tell you about the wealth of talent in Baton Rouge.

They would also tell you that Les Miles' handling of the Ryan Perrilloux situation was very well done, and point out that Perrilloux would have made a tremendous difference in LSU’s season last year.  The ones that watch game film on the Tigers could point out how they would address these deficiencies. 

It is widely known what changes Les Miles made in the offseason. The coaching changes and recruiting class were top-notch work.  It appears that all issues were addressed and addressed well.

So what can a vanilla spring game tell you? Very simple but important things, like consistency of play where it was lacking in the Tigers of last season. Don’t kid yourself; coaches know if the inconsistency was from coaching or players. Quarterback production and speed, the offensive and defensive line, size and speed.  Did the defensive philosophy change?  Did the skill positions on offense improve in size and speed?

I think most average fans have an idea to the answers to these questions.  Most SEC coaches have better than an idea to these answers. My guess is what they are hoping for is to read about a game where the Tigers struggled maintaining drives. For them it would be nice to hear that the defense could not get to the quarterback or that the defensive backs played very poorly.

At least that is what they are hoping for. If asked they would probably tell you they expect the opposite. Common sense tells you that the curiosity is out there, regardless of what they say publicly.