WWE Raw: Chris Jericho vs. John Cena, Money in the Bank Matches, A.J. and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJune 26, 2012


WWE Monday Night Raw opened with A.J. talking with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane. She said Bryan still had feelings for her, Kane made her wild and that Punk was her soul mate. It was then revealed that she was just talking to herself in a mirror.

A.J. just went to a whole new level here. The WWE Universe knew that she was crazy, but talking to people that aren't there? That is indeed a little out there. A.J. continues to be my favorite Diva, though.

Vickie Guerrero than made her way out and revealed that she was the general manager this week, and that she'd be the permanent one come the 1000th episode. She then introduced the first match.

I like Guerrero in an authority role. I find her less annoying for some reason. I wouldn't mind if she did become the permanent general manager, but I highly doubt it would happen.


Daniel Bryan vs. Kane vs. CM Punk: Elimination Match

After A.J. once again skipped around the ring, Punk eliminated Kane with the GTS, but then Punk was taken out by Bryan for the victory.

This was a good match between three men who have consistently been putting on good showings for the past month. There's nothing I can really say that I haven't said about these three already.

As for A.J., things took a different turn here. Her past interferences have distracted Kane and cost Bryan matches. This time around, she still distracted Kane, but it ultimately led to Bryan picking up the win.

I originally thought that she was using Kane and Punk to get back at Bryan, but this makes me think about it more.

Was it a mistake? Did she want Bryan to win? This storyline just gets more intriguing every week.

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio approached Guerrero and wanted his status as No. 1 contender reinstated. Dolph Ziggler than came in and told him to get in line. They argued until Guerrero booked a Contract on a Pole Match between them with the winner getting a title shot on SmackDown.

A contract on a pole? Is Vince Russo back with WWE?

Anyway, I like that Ziggler is being kept in the main event. He's been working very hard over the past month or so. He's proven that he deserves the push that he's getting.

As for Del Rio, he had a very good match with Christian on SmackDown, so my hope in him has been restored to a certain degree.


Brodus Clay vs. the Big Show

After Brodus couldn't pick up the Big Show for a slam, Big Show landed on top of him for the win.

This was the typical big-man match: hard hitting and slow. I was hoping for a little more physicality than there was, though. This was just boring.

A video package of John Cena granting his 300th wish for the Make-a-Wish Foundation was then shown. I'm not the biggest John Cena fan, but I respect the man for what he does with the foundation.

Backstage, A.J. was actually talking to Kane instead of a mirror. She made him feel like he never has before and that it wasn't good. He was a monster who liked hurting people and even he thought she was unstable. He said they should stay away from each other and A.J. just gave a maniacal laugh.

Kane basically just "friend zoned" A.J. and her response was to laugh. Kane may be the psychotic one, but I think that she has him beat.

The Devil's Favorite Demon may have met his match, and it's not a good thing for him.


Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger: United States Championship

Santino retained the title after he hit the Cobra. This was a decent match that saw Swagger dominate it until Santino delivered the babyface Five Moves of Doom.

A part of me was actually hoping that Swagger would win the title here. He may get zero response from the crowd most of the time, but at least he's not a comedy act.

Santino is a disgrace to the title. The belt has seen many greats hold it and WWE just uses it as a prop. They should either take it off of him or scrap the title.

I don't want it gone, so I would prefer a new champion, but putting it alongside the WWE Women's Championship may be best.

Backstage, John Cena saw a box full of John Laurinaitis' stuff labeled "Free to a good home." Zack Ryder than appeared and threw a People Power shirt in the trash.

Was there a point to this segment? Sure, Ryder got a bit of television time but seeing Cena just walk down the hall would have sufficed.

John Cena then appeared in the ring. He had a historic announcement to make but first went over the past month using Star Wars references. He was interrupted by a returning Chris Jericho who told Cena to just get on with it.

Cena then announced that he wanted in on the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match.

Jericho then went over how he invented the match and how he's been in more ladder matches than anyone in WWE. He wanted in on the match as well and that brought out Vickie Guerrero.

She said that the board of directors decided that only former WWE champions would be in the match. The WWE Championship MITB would consist of the Big Show, Kane, Jericho and Cena.

She then booked Cena vs. Jericho for the first time ever in two years. Yeah, she actually said that.

I got a few chuckles out of Cena's Star Wars references, but it was just so random.

Jericho's return was good to see, though it's not something that's going to be remembered years from now.

I do not like the idea of the MITB match only featuring former WWE champions. To me, the point of the briefcase is to give someone different a chance at glory.

The briefcase helped Edge, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan become superstars in the WWE, but now it's just a match for John Cena to win.

Before Lillian Garcia could announcement the special guest to help celebrate the 1000th episode of Raw, Heath Slater made his way out. He proclaimed that he was a top star and that he was the ruler of the world.

As soon as those words came out his mouth, I knew who his opponent would be.

While it's disappointing to see Slater as the punching bag to returning stars, at least he's getting television time. He's been quite entertaining on the mic as well, so that's a plus.


Heath Slater vs. Sycho Sid

Sid just squashed Slater and picked up the win with the Powerbomb.

Sid actually looked to be in pretty good shape. I'm glad to see he's still able to compete after snapping his leg in two at the WCW Sin PPV in 2001.

Oh man, I remember watching that PPV; that was a disturbing moment to watch. It was made even worse when WCW showed it every five minutes the next night on Nitro. Well, it wasn't every five minutes, but they showed it way too much.

Like I said earlier, I'm glad Slater is getting television time. He's a lot more talented than people give him credit for. I hope to see him get an actual match sooner rather than later.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler: Contract on a Pole Match

The match ended in a no-contest after Ziggler knocked the contract off the pole and the two fought over it. Sheamus then appeared to reveal that Guerrero made the match on SmackDown a triple threat match.

This started out as a good match, but it took a major dive once they started playing Tug-o-War with the clipboard. This has Vince Russo written all over it, but he's not with WWE.

Perhaps WWE is celebrating 1,000 episodes by writing like Russo.

This could have been a very good match if it was just one-on-one. It's mind boggling as to why they'd make it a Contract on a Pole Match.

Backstage, A.J. snuck up on CM Punk. She was going to dedicate her match to him. Punk then told her that they needed to have a serious talk. A.J. was on board to them taking their relationship to the next level and walked away, leaving Punk confused.

I think A.J. is a Black Widow. She uses those around her to get what she wants, and once she's done with them, she destroys them.

Punk and Kane could be in big trouble getting involved with her.

Then again, she could just be someone with an unstable mind. It's hard to tell what her intentions are.


Divas Summertime Battle Royal

The Divas appeared in the ring with the bikinis and various swimwear. Before the match started, Guerrero revealed that she was in the match as well and slowly took off her robe.

A.J. would then win the match after eliminating the Divas champion, Layla, and Guerrero. She then proceeded to chant "Yes."

Much like the majority of Diva battle royals, this was short and didn't serve much purpose. I suppose, though, that it helps get A.J. over even more, so I guess this one had a point to it.

A.J.'s chanting of "Yes" brings up more questions about her mental state and creates more intrigue for the storyline as well.

The WWE Divas should take some notes on the TNA Knockouts, though, and actually compete in a real battle royal. By that I mean throwing each other over the top rope and not through the middle and bottom ropes.


Chris Jericho vs. John Cena

John Cena picked up the win by disqualification after the Big Show delivered a leg drop to the back of his head while he was in the Walls of Jericho.

I was enjoying the match very much, but the ending just killed it for me. So much for the Big Show moving on from Cena.

Jericho is a great in-ring performer and always puts on a great match. Cena has the capability to have a good match as well, and he was having one here.

The show ended with Cena in the Big Show's Camel Clutch, which puts us exactly where we were a month ago.

This was a potentially great main event ruined by a bad ending.


Overall, I thought this episode of Raw was a decent show. Things started out strong with A.J. and the triple threat match, but things just went downhill as the show progressed.

A.J.'s backstage segments were great and her winning the battle royal was, too. The match itself wasn't, but A.J. winning advances her character in a different way than what we've been seeing.

The return of Sycho Sid was a nice bit of nostalgia and seeing Lillian Garcia back on Raw was awesome!

WWE's flagship show continues to be lackluster, though, and it makes me fear the 1,000th episode.


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