WWE Power Rankings: The Top Former Authority Figures to Run RAW SuperShow

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IJune 26, 2012

WWE Power Rankings: The Top Former Authority Figures to Run RAW SuperShow

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    Since the loss of John Laurinaitis as the general manager of both RAW and SmackDown, WWE has been without a concrete authority figure for the brands.

    Following No Way Out, when Laurinaitis was fired, it was stated that men and women who used to be in charge in some capacity would take over in a week-to-week basis before a permanent replacement was named.

    The first week saw Mick Foley, former commissioner of WWE. This past week has seen Vickie Guerrero, a former general manager of each brand.

    So, what does the future hold? Who should take the reins back with the brands of WWE?

    Well, there aren't a whole lot of picks to choose from. Great fits like Gorilla Monsoon and Jack Tunney, former WWE Presidents, have both passed on. Jonathan Coachman is off doing 2 am episodes of SportsCenter for ESPN.

    Paul Heyman has a pending lawsuit against WWE, so that's probably not a wise move for him. Even a guy like Kurt Angle cannot return to be in charge since he is busy with another company based out of Florida.

    This still leaves plenty of former authority figures who can regain control of WWE for an entire week. There are former owners, general managers, commissioners on this list, which is ranked in terms of likelihood of actually happening.

    Here are the 10 best choices for future temporary GMs of RAW and SmackDown in the coming weeks.

10) Mike Adamle

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    I got this one clear out of the way. This is probably the last thing that anyone would like to see. I'm sure that the computer for the anonymous RAW GM would be getting cheered before Mike Adamle would get cheered.

    Nobody enjoyed Adamle at all during his time in WWE, and when he became the general manager of RAW on July 28, 2008, jaws dropped across the world.

    Adamle made mistakes all the time and never seemed like a strong general manager or a strong candidate to have any authority for that matter. The former announcer on American Gladiators got the axe when he resigned in November 2008.

    As the story goes, Adamle resigned on-air, but did not know he was going to do so until he was told hours before the show was set to air live.

9) Shane McMahon

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    Man, would people love to see this.

    The son of Vince McMahon was never officially a general manager, but always had the power to book matches as he saw fit. From 2002 to 2009 officially and even earlier than that unofficially, Shane O'Mac had the chance to cross you if you let him.

    Shane left WWE some time back and recently put his new company onto the New York Stock Exchange. He has no reason to show up on a pro wrestling show that he has no interest in being a part of any more.

8) Ric Flair

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    Ric Flair owned part of WWE following the Invasion storyline in 2001.

    The Nature Boy was running the show, or at least able to make matches during his power struggle with Vince McMahon. Flair recently appeared at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony to get inducted with The Four Horsemen.

    He also is no longer with TNA Wrestling, freeing him up to return to WWE as an authority figure for a week and stay on board as a great persona and potential manager to a rising superstar.

    Would Flair do it without getting back into the ring? Who knows? It may just be yet another reason to bring Flair out of retirement, even if that retirement is centered around a WWE storyline.

    Still, if you want to see something exciting happen in WWE and an influential man in charge, Ric Flair is that guy.

7) Stephanie McMahon

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    Stephanie McMahon has made appearances with WWE since she still does work behind the scenes. Her place on-camera has not been a concrete one for a few years.

    Daddy's Little Girl is one of the few people in history to be the general manager on both brands. She was the first GM in SmackDown history in 2002 and 2003, while officially serving as general manager of RAW in 2008 and 2009.

    It won't be hard to have Stephanie be put in charge. Her husband is the COO, her father is still the owner and she is listed on the corporate website as the Executive Vice President of Creative, meaning that she can literally book herself to be the booker for a week.

6) Theodore Long

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    When Laurinaitis was fired, nobody was more vindicated than Theodore Long.

    The former long-time general manager of SmackDown had his job on the line at WrestleMania and lost to John Laurinaitis' team, giving the control of SmackDown to Johnny Ace and becoming his assistant to keep his employment status.

    It meant that Long was to be embarrassed on television on a weekly basis. Long was dressed in ridiculous outfits, made to fetch coffee and forced to praise Antonio Cesaro as Cesaro made out with Aksana, the ex-squeeze of Long.

    If all of that doesn't lead to at least one week of Teddy Long officially being in charge on RAW and SmackDown, then there's not too much justice out there.

5) Sgt. Slaughter

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    The Hall of Famer and former inspiration for a G.I. Joe action figure was commissioner in WWE from 1997 to 1998.

    He was the first man to be designated with such a title in WWE history. The early days of RAW were the times when Slaughter was in charge. He had to deal with the original formation of D-Generation X.

    Slaughter can appear at any time to help promote to 1,000th episode of RAW in a few weeks. There's also a show that will be on the week of July 4 coming up next week. It seems like a nice fit, if you ask me.

    This also coincides with SmackDown being a live show and being given the theme of The Great American Bash.

4) Bret Hart

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    Bret Hart is another face that used to be in charge.

    For a few weeks in 2010, The Hitman was in charge of Monday Night RAW. If not for The Nexus, Bret could have stayed in charge and the Anonymous RAW General Manager debacle could have been avoided.

    "The Best There Is, Best There Was, and Best There Ever Will Be" was also a part of early episodes of RAW and is another guy to fit into the 1,000th RAW hype.

    I don't believe that RAW will be in Canada any time soon, which is where this would obviously work best.

3) William Regal

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    William Regal is still on the active roles in WWE.

    Until the re-branding of NXT, he was appointed as the match coordinator, which is just a fancy way of saying you're in charge. Regal is a former WWE commissioner, as well as a former general manager of RAW.

    Regal is always well-liked and well-respected.

    Regal can do whatever he wants when he is in charge. He once forced RAW off the air when he was a power-hungry general manager.

    It was one of the great cliffhangers in RAW history and, with WWE in need of a suspenseful summer storyline, could recycle that great moment.

2) Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    The Texas Rattlesnake could be a great general manager for one week.

    Austin is a former CEO and Co-General Manager in WWE, even referring to himself at one point as the Sheriff.

    Austin can always stomp a good mudhole into someone and the sheriff may need to be back in town to keep a man like Big Show at bay.

    If matters continue to worsen and the inmates begin to run the asylum, expect to hear the glass shatter and Austin to take control back in WWE.

1) Shawn Michaels

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    The 1,000th episode of RAW already has the reformation of DX listed.

    Triple H is a COO, but Shawn Michaels isn't really anywhere. He was last seen at WrestleMania as the referee in a match between Triple H and The Undertaker.

    What better way to reunite DX at that special RAW than to have Triple H as COO and Shawn Michaels as acting general manager?

    Michaels is a former WWE commissioner and held the job while being retired from the ring. Upon his return, Michaels continued to be the Showstopper.

    The Heartbreak Kid has the ability to be in charge for one week and boost ratings as WWE searches for those ratings in the summer.