7 Current MLB Players Who Will Be Broadcasters or on ESPN Someday

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IJune 25, 2012

7 Current MLB Players Who Will Be Broadcasters or on ESPN Someday

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    Major League Baseball players certainly know a lot about the game that they play, and many of them are qualified to have a career in the game once they retire from playing.

    Some players go on to become managers and coaches, while others find their way into the broadcast booth. There are a number of well-spoken players who could eventually become broadcasters.

    This is certainly not a position for every player, but there are more than a few who can do it. Many of the best announcers in the game today, such as Keith Hernandez and Mark Grant, are former players.

R.A. Dickey

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    R.A. Dickey seemingly has a number of years left in his major league career, but he could eventually become a broadcaster once he does retire from baseball.

    Dickey has a fairly unique prospective on the game, and he is an intellectual. He has the ability to speak intelligently about the game, and he certainly has a number of stories from his years in the minors and majors that he can tell.

    His book, Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball, showed that Dickey is willing to open up, and he can certainly be a good broadcaster if he decides to go down that path.

J.P. Arencibia

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    J.P Arencibia is still very young, but he could certainly have an opportunity to become a broadcaster or a member of the ESPN staff after he retires.

    Arencibia has already shined on ESPN with his Tim Kurkjian impersonation. This shows the personality that Arencibia has, and he would certainly be able to add a lot to a broadcast.

Elliot Johnson

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    Elliot Johnson has also tried his hand at impersonating Tim Kurkjian. He does a pretty good job with it as well.

    Johnson is starting to find some playing time in the major leagues, and he seems to be a student of the game. This will help him if he eventually does decide to become a broadcaster.

Ryan Dempster

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    ESPN's Baseball Tonight made it a feature in spring training to feature players impersonating Tim Kurkjian. Ryan Dempster stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park.

    Dempster's personality absolutely shines through during this video clip. He would certainly make a baseball game more exciting to watch if he was in the broadcast booth.

Derek Jeter

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    Derek Jeter has been in pinstripes his whole career, and if he stays in the game after he retires, he will almost certainly remain in the New York Yankees organization.

    If Jeter does not become a coach at that point, the next logical position for Jeter to take is in the broadcast booth. He's one of the most knowledgeable players in baseball, and Yankees fans would love to listen to his thoughts on a game.

Chipper Jones

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    Chipper Jones is one of the most well-respected players in baseball. His career is coming to an end, and he has announced that he will retire after the 2012 season.

    Jones has an incredibly high baseball IQ, and he could provide insights on a number of the intricacies of the game if he were to become a broadcaster.

Dallas Braden

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    There are a few baseball players who already have experience as broadcasters. They have taken roles as guest analysts in the postseason.

    Dallas Braden is one of the current MLB players who has done this. Braden appeared on the MLB Network during the 2011 postseason, and he did a pretty good job in his temporary role.