Dammit Grandma Mitchell

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

Freddie Mitchell is in trouble for allegedly accepting a pot shipment.

“Former Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell was held in Lakeland Florida earlier this week on suspicion of possession of pot.  Mitchell (who used to go by the name Fred-Ex) was detained after signing for a Fed Ex package that arrived at his BBQ restaurant last Thursday.  Police say the package was originally shipped to Mitchell’s grandmother’s house first.  She then told the delivery man the package must be for her [grand]son.”

Oh come on Grandma!!

“Mitchell contacted Fed Ex and had them forward the package to his restaurant, ‘thinking it must be supplies.’ Upon receiving the package Mitchell stated he thought the seven pound package was oregano he had ordered. Officials said a trained dog sniffed the narcotics in the package and that is how the authorities were tipped off.”

There’s bad and then there’s really bad. Bad is being a virgin at the age of 25. Really bad is being a virgin at the age of 25, finally getting a hot girl back to your place who wants to do the nasty nasty, and losing your shit as soon as she gets on your lap because you forgot to put on anything other than those ultrathin mesh shorts.

Getting caught for accepting a pot shipment from Fed Ex is bad. Being dumb enough to go out like that is really bad! You should be ashamed of yourself and your grandma, Freddie!!

Original image via Greyhound