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Paulina Gretzky and the 20 Biggest Sports Socialites

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterJanuary 8, 2017

Paulina Gretzky and the 20 Biggest Sports Socialites

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    There are plenty of shapely socialites in sports today because a lot of ladies out there think of the male-dominated world of sports as a place to stand out. It's actually a pretty good strategy because, aside from being attractive, there aren't any other stringent requirements like talent or intelligence. 

    That's not to say that all of sports socialites are beautiful, untalented dummies. There are plenty who are successful in their own right and are fixtures on the sports social scene because it's a job requirement or a social obligation to a spouse or boyfriend. 

    And some who are just there for the love of the game. 

    But there are plenty sports socialites who fall into that first category. Beautiful women who have made a name for themselves by party hopping and bed hopping with professional athletes.

    Then there are those who already have a name that's been made for them, but are actively trying to besmirch it. 

    Here are the 20 biggest sports socialites. 

20. Brooklyn Decker

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    Socialite Status: Wife of tennis player Andy Roddick and BFF of ESPN's Erin Andrews. 

    Socialite Style: Sexy without being over the top. Brooklyn is gorgeous, funny and knows how to leave something to the imagination. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—she'll keep doing her own thing. Brooklyn's connection will keep her a fixture on the sports scene, but she's talented and looks to have a promising acting career ahead of her. 

19. Justin Bieber

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    Socialite Status:  Tween singing sensation Justin Bieber has participated in the NBA All-Star game, has been spotted at hockey and basketball games all over the U.S. and Canada and most recently joined the entourage of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

    Socialite Style: The Biebs has been sporting some big hair and a lot of black leather recently. Bieber's strength and style is annoying sports fans. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—The Biebs is going to make a billion dollars and haunt us for the rest of our lives. I say our lives and not his life, because you know he's going to live to be 250. 

18. Alyssa Milano

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    Socialite Status: Marginally-employed actress Alyssa Milano was one of the preeminent WAGs in sports for over a decade, even though she's since sworn off athletes. She's also a well known sports fanatic.

    Socialite Style: Milano is all style in sports these days. She's recreated herself as the No. 1 name in sports apparel for women. But her personal style is probably something in the mom department, having recently welcomed her first child.  

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—nothing exciting for us! Milano has settled into family life with a new baby, but her growing fashion business will keep her in the sports world for the long haul.

17. Erin Andrews

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    Socialite Status: With the loss of Michelle Beadle, Erin Andrews is supposedly ESPN's reigning queen bee—but when was the last time you saw her on the network? Starting to wonder what her future at ESPN actually will look like. 

    Socialite Style: Andrews is in it for the celebrity status—the hottest parties and front row seats at fashion week. She does a good job at keeping her private life private, but her public life is mostly parties and skintight mini-dresses.

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—a headline-grabbing romance. Andrews' dating life has been nothing but rumors and speculation over the years, but that is bound to change at some point.

16. Gabrielle Union

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    Socialite Status: These days actress Gabrielle Union is more well known for her relationship with Heat superstar Dwyane Wade than anything she's done professionally.

    Socialite Style: Union is still as smoking hot as ever, but she hasn't been working regularly on-screen since 2010 and it's been much longer since she had a substantial role in a successful movie. Her style today seems to be looking good and supporting her man. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—could wedding bells be ringing? D-Wade's BBF (best bro forever) got engaged in early 2012 and we know these guys like to do everything together.

15. Irina Shayk

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    Socialite Status: Model Irina Shayk has been dating Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo since 2010. 

    Socialite Style: Stunning. Shayk has appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but most of her modeling work comes outside the bikini sphere. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—an engagement to, or a leaked sex tape with, Ronaldo seems like the natural progression.

14. Jaime Edmondson

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    Socialite Status: Playboy Playmate Jaime Edmondson established herself on the sports scene as the sexiest sports fanatic in the business even before she started dating Rays star Evan Longoria. 

    Socialite Style: Busty in barely-there bikinis and rocking beautiful red hair, Edmondson demands attention and people are more than willing to oblige. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—a breakup. This thing with Longoria hasn't been going on all that long and Ms. Jaime is probably getting tired of Tampa. I hear Derek Jeter is single.

13. Elisha Cuthbert

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    Socialite Status: Canadian cutie Elisha Cuthbert has a thing for hockey players, even disgusting ones. Cuthbert has dated three NHL players, including Vogue fashion diva Sean Avery who famously called her his "sloppy seconds." 

    Socialite Style: Cuthbert's platinum blonde hair and starring role in The Girl Next Door, in which she played a porn star, have made her memorable enough to stay relevant despite having dropped off the acting map since 2010 when 24 was cancelled. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—hopefully something. Cuthbert is currently single and working on a show I've never heard of. She needs to get something going—maybe Alex Ovechkin is single! That would be interesting.

12. Kate Upton

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    Socialite Status: Model Kate Upton was rumored to be dating Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez for a while, but who knows if that ever even happened. The Sanchize is hardly her only link to the sports world.

    Upton has been spotted at NBA games, participated in the MLB All-Star softball game, was on hand for the Super Bowl and does promotions for various video games. 

    Socialite Style: A bikini. Upton has been modeling for years, but her appearance on the cover of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in a scandalously undersized bikini has made her a household name. Well, that and her dance moves in said bikini. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—probably more bikinis. Upton has done some actual fashion modeling, but she seems to know what her most valuable assets are.

    I also expect she'll hook up with a professional athlete, or a number of them, in the next few years.

11. Victoria Beckham

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    Socialite Status: Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has been married to soccer superstar David Beckham for over a decade. 

    Socialite Style: Skinny and severe has been Victoria's style for her entire career. Her emaciated frame and bizarrely shaped haircuts have come to define her—the emaciated frame is actually impressive for a mother of four. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—David competes in the Olympics. Perhaps she's more of a social presence in England, but I have no idea what Victoria is up to these days.

10. Jessa Hinton

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    Socialite Status: Playboy Playmate Jessa Hinton is a model and the host of Victory Poker and Top Rank Boxing. She was also recently Sports Illustrated's Hot Clicks Lovely Lady of the Day. 

    Socialite Style: Sexiness that borders on NSFW territory—at least judging by her Twitter photo gallery. Hinton takes a "less is more" approach to her style and, I must say, it works for her.

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—more modeling, I'm sure. I'm not sure how good she is as a host, but she'd surely be a welcome addition to WAG world. 

9. Hilary Duff

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    Socialite Status: One-time Disney princess Hilary Duff is a well-known sports fan and married to recently retired NHL center Mike Comrie. 

    Socialite Style: Duff's style was never particularly sexy, more like the adorable girl-next-door type. But she's ditched that for the whole mommy thing, at least temporarily. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—Hilary gets her groove back. Comrie's early retirement means that Duff needs to get back to work before people forget about her entirely. Down the road there will be a divorce, but they'll make it work for awhile longer. 

8. Kim Kardashian

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    Socialite Status: Kim Kardashian is mostly famous for having a big ass and a sex tape, but relationships with Reggie Bush and Miles Austin and her "marriage" to Kris Humphries have brought her into the sports world.

    Socialite Style: Sexy, annoying and vapid with an attention span that is shorter than her dresses. Kim's style suits her occupation, which is selling herself for money. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—a breakup! Kim and Kanye seemed to jump into that relationship with both feet, but reports that she was recently scamming on Robert Griffin III prove that Kim is still weighing her options. 

7. Stacy Keibler

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    Socialite Status: Stacy Keibler has been dating movie star George Clooney for over a year, but in a prior life she was one of the WWE's sexiest Divas. 

    Socialite Style: Leggy and luscious. Same as it ever was. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—a break up. Keibler landing George Clooney is pretty damn impressive, but he's staunchly anti-marriage and children. That whole clock thing has to be ticking. 

6. Kristin Cavallari

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    Socialite Status: Former MTV reality star Kristin Cavallari is engaged to, and pregnant with the child of, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

    Cavallari dated quarterback Matt Leinart a few years back, but decided she wanted a starter. 

    Socialite Style: Cavallari is an aspiring something who loves to be looked at and has matched her style according, which is seemingly in direct opposition to the persona of her fiance.

    For years she has been desperately groping for some kind of career in entertainment, and settling down with cranky Cutler is going to cut it. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—a baby spectacle. Then a wedding spectacle. Then a marriage spectacle. Then a divorce spectacle. Then rinse and repeat for her next husband. 

5. Brooke Hogan

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    Socialite Status: Brooke Hogan is the daughter of famed wrestler Hulk Hogan and starred with her family on VH1's plague on humanity Hogan Knows Best.

    Socialite Style: Over the years, Brooke has tried to define herself as something other than the scantily clad, relatively mannish, daughter of The Hulk.

    In fact, her Twitter bio describes her as "Recording artist, songwriter, producer, musician, actress, television personality." Well, one out of six ain't bad. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—wrestling! Well, not wrestling, but talking about wrestling on TV…or something. Brooke recently made her debut on TNA's Impact Wrestling. 

4. Evelyn Lozada

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    Socialite Status: Evelyn Lozada is (for now) the future Mrs. Ochocinco. She stars in VH1's Basketball Wives and has basically made a career out of marrying up. 

    Socialite Style: If it's short, skimpy, shiny, sexy or otherwise scandalous, count Lozada in. She's made herself into a pseudo-celebrity basically by selling her physical wares to men and now a television audience, so her options are limited. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—a cancelled engagement! That is, assuming Lozada can land herself another athlete. The wedding has already been postponed because Ochocinco has a wandering eye. She has to keep her eyes peeled for better options. 

3. Paris Hilton

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    Socialite Status: Obviously, Paris Hilton's status as a socialite is without question.

    She's the most "famous for being famous" woman in the world. Unfortunately, her extensive dating life has far too often brought her over to the sports world. Oh, and when I say "extensive," think more the numbers of a football team than a basketball team. 

    Socialite Style: Paris' style is tough to pinpoint because she's always trying to reinvent herself. Although, I think it's safe to say that no matter what she pretends to be next, it will suck and everyone will hate it. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—not much. Paris has plenty of money and no talent or education, so eventually she'll just get married and start giving birth to the next generation of entitled jagoffs. 

2. Paulina Gretzky

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    Socialite Status: Daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky 

    Socialite Style: Attention-grabbing, barely-there clothes and a Twitter account that often angers The Great One. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—a sex tape! The title will include a hockey pun of some sort—something about the five-hole. 

1. Anna Kournikova

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    Socialite Status: Anna Kournikova had a brief and mostly unsuccessful career in tennis about a decade ago, but apparently it was enough to cement her status "in sports" for a lifetime. Plus, she used to have a thing for athletes back when she was one. 

    Socialite Style: Kournikova is obviously pretty private and has managed to stay out of the spotlight for years, despite public demand for more Anna.

    But there's one place you can always get your Anna Kournikova fix—Heat games. She's a fixture at the arena. 

    Socialite Schedule Speculation: Next up—maybe a wedding to Latino singer Enrique Iglesias, her boyfriend of 10 years? Maybe a breakup? Maybe a baby? Personally, I hope she ditches that guy and shacks up with an athlete. 

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