The Doctor's Weekly WWE Raw Recap: The 151 Things We Learned, Loved and Hated

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJune 26, 2012

Picture by Natasha Farley (images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)
Picture by Natasha Farley (images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my weekly recap list. I always appreciate my loyal readers, but for those of you who are new, each week I recap Raw with a long list.

The entries are made up of equal parts observations, humor, recap, play-by-play, revelations, speculations, questions, answers and anything else I notice during the show. I sometimes comment on commercials, too, just because I get bored during them.

I would also like to let everyone know that the contest I spoke about on Friday, for reasons outside my control, has been postponed indefinitely. I am still working on things but for the time being I have to put it on hold.

I apologize if anyone got their hopes up. I will do my best to make it up to you.

I try and interject some fun into these lists, so I hope you have fun reading this week's list of the 151 things we learned, loved and hated from the show.

1. A video about the love square between AJ, Kane, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan is shown.
2. The main show starts with AJ backstage talking to a mirror as if Kane, Punk and Bryan were there.
3. Was that supposed to be her acting crazy? Because a lot of people talk to themselves in the mirror to rehearse a speech.
4. After the opening graphics and pyro, we get a recap of Big Show beating the hell out of Brodus Clay last week on SmackDown.
5. Vickie is out to some nice heat in what I personally deem as an inappropriate outfit for her. Those shorts are a little too short for a professional look, Vickie.
6. Ha! Michael Cole says the fans are booing her out of the building and King responds with "If only that were true."
7. If WWE could bottle Vickie's heat, then they would be able to get any heel over.
8. She announces that there will be a three-way elimination match to start the show.
9. Oh yeah. She is GM tonight.
10. Daniel Bryan is out first to a lot fewer "Yes" chants than I would normally expect. The crowd seems split on him tonight.
11. Nice. Lawler actually asks if AJ was practicing or talking to herself in the back. I am glad someone else asked that question.
12. Kane is out next for this match.
13. OK, Kane's theme is cool and all, but why would WWE think anyone would download that song and listen to it? They advertised it as being available during his entrance in case you didn't see the show.
14. CM Punk is the last man out for this elimination match.
15. My prediction is that Kane gets eliminated first and then Daniel Bryan wins by beating Punk so he still looks like a threat to his title. I swear that I am typing this during Punk's entrance.
16. I should start doing these lists live so my predictions are more believable and cool if they pan out.
17. Kane starts off string by taking both men down right away.
18. Bryan starts kicking Kane and Punk joins in while the crowd chants Yes with every strike by either man.
19. I love how the crowds are always into Bryan and Punk's matches this much. It really validates how these two guys are major players.
20. After Kane is disposed of outside the ring, Punk puts Bryan in a modified surfboard stretch, ending with a curb stomp.
21. Punk goes to hits a suicide dive on Kane but is met with a big uppercut before Kane catches Bryan and throws him into the barricade.
22. This is a pretty quick pace for these three guys to be at right off the bat. I like it.
23. After the break we see Kane almost hit the Doomsday Device on Bryan while he is on Punk's shoulders but Bryan rolls up Punk to avoid the clothesline and get a near fall.
24. Bryan and Punk start exchanging offense until Punk gets the advantage and starts hitting signatures left and right.
25. Punk ends up hitting both guys with a suicide dive.

26. Cole tells us Punk has the fourth longest title reign in the past 15 years. Interesting.
27. Punk blocks a Yes Lock attempt and almost pins Bryan after a roundhouse to the head.
28. Kane hits a flying clothesline on Punk right before AJ's music hits and she comes skipping down and around the ring.
29. Punk ends up eliminating Kane after the distraction with a GTS.
30. Bryan immediately hits a huge kick to Punk's head and wins the match.
31. BOOM! Called it.
32. How would you guys like it if I did these lists as live Blogs so we could do more real-time predictions?
33. Del Rio is backstage sucking up to Vickie until Ziggler walks in.
34. They both want a title shot and Vickie says that to be fair, she has made a contract on a pole match between them for a title shot.
35. Ricky Ricardo walks in and gives Vickie some roses in a vase, which Ziggler throws against the wall before walking off.
36. Clay vs. Big Show is next. I am interested to see how a real match between them is, but Clay will likely be selling a leg injury so it will probably be his first real loss tonight.
37. This movie trailer is impressive. Who else is excited for The Bourne Legacy after seeing Jeremy Renner kick ass in The Avengers?
38. After the break we see clips of Show destroying Clay before they come out for the match.
39. I wonder who decided to start having Clay announce his Funkadactyls? It's a nice touch to make sure people know who they are.
40. Clay is doing his usual thing. I was hoping he was going to come down with a head of steam just looking for a fight instead.
41. Big Show has the look I was hoping for from Clay.
42. Big Show puts Clay in the corner and tries his Shush Chop before Clay gets in a few hits.
43. Big Show comes back, but Clay knocks him down with a running headbutt before Show attacks the injured knee.
44. Clay begs Show not to hit his knee into the ring post, but Show does it like everyone knew he would.
45. Show hits a Vader-style splash on Clay from the middle rope.
46. Show grabs the Mohawk and sets up for the WMD but Clay strikes first and gets in a few hits.
47. Clay tries to slam Show but his knee gives out and Show pins him after the fall.
48. I think Clay could probably slam Show if he wanted. He is ridiculously strong.
49. Cena's hype for his announcement bothers me a little. Not because of the segment itself, but because Cole said his rap album was great.
50. I do like the Make-A-Wish segment. Cena invites the kid to Raw's 1,000th show.

51. Bob Barker's hosting stint is remembered with a clip.
52. Whoa! Chavo is shown in a part of this clip.
53. We see a clip of Show hitting the WMD on Clay during the break.
54. AJ is backstage talking again but this time we pull out to see Kane instead of a mirror.
55. Kane says he feels things he didn't know he could and that it is a bad thing.
56. Hahahahaha! Kane says he is a monster and only gets pleasure from eviscerating people, but even he thinks AJ is mentally unstable. The crowd loved that. Kane can be funny sometimes.
57. He walks off and she looks like she will cry but starts laughing maniacally instead. Psycho.
58. Interesting. Santino is defending the US title against Jack Swagger.
59. Swagger tricks Santino with a handshake and starts pounding on him.
60. Some fans were actually chanting for Swagger. Nice.
61. Swagger keeps up the offense after avoiding a Cobra attempt.
62. Santino does a kip up and starts hitting some of his trademark moves.
63. Swagger grabs him but Santino hits a big DDT before hitting a Cobra to retain the title.
64. I was really hoping Swagger would win that one. He needs the title for a push way more than Santino does.
65. Lawler hypes a Divas battle royal which will have a summer theme, which likely means bathing suits instead of wrestling gear.
66. Cena and Ryder are shown throwing out an old JL shirt before the break.
67. I guess 10 seconds for Ryder is better than nothing. Or is it?
68. Cena is out after the commercial to a decent reaction. Some boos, but not many.
69. Cena does a Star Wars-style run down of the events of the past month.
70. Ha! Bro-baka. Nice. Ryder needs to push that nickname immediately.
71. Cena's Yoda impression was better than expected and the crowd really seemed to like it.
72. He cracks up a little when he does it.
73. YES! The lights drop and that could only mean one thing, besides the Undertaker.
74. Jericho is out on the stage with one of his shiny jackets.
75. A Y2J chant breaks out as his music stops when he reaches the ring.

Someone compared AJ dressed like Kane to Harley Quinn from Batman comics on one of my recaps so I thought I would put this in (Photos: WWE and DC Comics)
Someone compared AJ dressed like Kane to Harley Quinn from Batman comics on one of my recaps so I thought I would put this in (Photos: WWE and DC Comics)

76. OW!!! Just burned my knuckle putting something in the oven. Sorry for the interruption.
77. Jericho says Cena needs to make his announcement and then get the hell out of his ring.
78. Cena sort of welcomes Jericho back.
79. I love how Cena thinks we will take him seriously when he says he believes that Big Show would be unstoppable as Champion even though Cena has beaten him on numerous occasions.
80. Cena says he will now be a part of the Money in the Bank ladder match.
81. He reminds us that he has lost to people cashing in MITB cases on multiple occasions.
82. I love this interaction.
83. Cena- "I will win the whole fudgin' thing."
84. Jericho- "Fudgin?"
85. Cena- "It's a PG show, it's the best I could do."
86. Jericho- "What are you, nine?"
87. Jericho says Cena is not likely to just walk into a MITB ladder match and win it.
88. Awesome! Jericho actually acknowledges that the MITB idea was his.
89. Cena reminds us that Jericho has never won MITB, either.
90. Jericho says Cena should be more worried about him than Big Show because he is in the match too.
91. Vickie comes out to what might be the fastest unanimous boo I have ever seen from any crowd.
92. She says that no one can just say they will be in a MITB match.
93. Haha! Jericho interrupts Vickie and she says not to interrupt her, to which he replies "What are you gonna do, suspend me?"
94. Vickie sort of flubs a line about Jericho and Cena having their first match in two years tonight.
95. Jericho was not acting like a heel very much. I wonder if WWE is still thinking about having him as a face now.
96. Lilian Garcia is trying to bring out a legend but Heath Slater's music hits and he comes out instead.
97. Slater's skin matches his hair color more and more each week. Lay off the fake 'n bake a bit.
98. Slater spouts some BS about being the best.
99. Whoa! Psycho Sid Vicious is here!
100. Sid doesn't look too bad for being 15 years since his last WWE appearance.

101. Here is what I am curious about. Isn't there some story about Sid stabbing Arn Anderson with a pair of scissors a bunch of times? Doesn't Arn work backstage for WWE right now?
102. I wonder if they have somehow buried the hatchet or at least avoided each other during this show?
103. Sid starts off string by pushing Slater down with one hand.
104. After about a minute, we see Sid hit the Powerbomb for the win.
105. Del Rio is out first for his match with Ziggler.
106. Ziggler goes right for the contract, but Del Rio stops him and tries to get it himself.
107. I am not a fan of these "Item on a pole" matches. They just don't seem nearly as cool as any other stipulation match.
108. I love that Ziggler is getting a bunch of chants tonight.
109. Ziggler turns out of a tilt-a-whirl from Del Rio to hit a beautiful dropkick.
110. Del Rio goes for the contract but Ziggler is there to climb him like a monkey.
111. Del RIo drops Ziggler with a middle-rope Samoan Drop.
112. Ziggler's leg hit the mat in a very twisted position. I think he is OK, but that could have been a bad injury.
113. OK, this match just won me over. Ziggler knocks it down into the ring and each man keeps knocking it out of the other's hand in a very entertaining exchange.
114. Ricky Ricardo tries to get the clipboard but Ziggler kicks it out of his hand and out of the ring.
115. Both men realize where it is and try to scramble to get it, pulling each other out of the other side of the ring, eventually.
116. Why is Sheamus out here?
117. Sheamus says that a triple threat match for the World title will happen on SmackDown.
118. Why did we just have a match for a title shot, with no ending, if this was going to happen anyways?
119. It's not that I did not think these guys did a good job, I just hate nonsense and sometimes WWE gives me more than I can ignore.
120. Punk won some vote I didn't even know was going on to see who AJ should pick out of him, Bryan and Kane.
121. Nice. AJ covers Punk's eyes and says "guess who" and Punk guesses King Kong Bundy.
122. I love a good KKB reference.
123. Punk seems exhausted by trying to figure AJ out after she leaves.
124. Mick Foley's "This is your life" for the Rock is shown as Foley's favorite clip from Raw.
125. WOW! All 10 Divas are in the ring wearing bikinis, except for Tamina and Beth who chose more modest swimwear.
126. These Divas battle royals are never great, but I might enjoy this one.
127. OH NO!!! Right after I say that Vickie comes out in a robe, covering what I can only assume is a crime against nature.
128. Was that too mean? I'm sorry, Vickie.
129. I may be alone on this one, but I can't stop staring at Natalya. She looks the best she has looked since debuting in terms of her physical conditioning. Rosa might make my eyes veer a little, though.
130. I might regret this, but Vickie looks better than I expected.
131. All the Divas get her down in the ring right away and then all hell breaks loose.
132. After a bunch of quick eliminations we are down to Vickie, AJ and Layla.
133. Nice. An AJ chant starts up as she attacks Layla and eliminates her.
134. Vickie shoves AJ a few times before AJ snaps and she attacks Vickie, sending her out of the ring.
135. AJ wins the battle royal and she starts screaming "Yes" after the match in the same fashion as Daniel Bryan.
136. Y2J is out after the break for his match with Cena.
137. Jericho has "Best in the World" written on his trunks.
138. A dueling Cena chant breaks out as they lock up.
139. Cena goes for the AA early and Jericho bails to the outside as we go to commercial.
140. Didn't we just have a commercial like two minutes ago?
141. What? Sonic put Fritos on a Hot Dog? I'll be right back.
142. Y2J is in control when we return, but Cena starts mounting some offense after a suplex.
143. After some reversals by both men, Cena ends up hitting the Five-Knuckle Shuffle.
144. Big Show comes out and gets Jericho disqualified by hitting a leg drop on Cena while he is in the Walls of Jericho.
145. Jericho is pissed, but he doesn't try to fight Show and instead walks off so Show can keep punishing Cena.
146. Show puts Cena up really high for a big Chokeslam.
147. Big Show puts Cena in the modified Camel Clutch and Cena looks sort of white after a minute.
148. The show ends with Big Show staring down the ref who is asking him to stop.
149. Overall, it was a pretty good show, but I did not care for the end to the main event.
150. AJ had some great progression with her character tonight and it was great to see Jericho back.
151. Ziggler should have won the contract match, but a triple threat on Friday should be entertaining.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts and additions to the list below.