UFC: Chris Weidman Exclusive, UFC 148 Preview and Travis Browne's Moves

The Ultimate ShowWeekly UFC ShowJune 25, 2012

The Ultimate Show starts off this week with a bang!

We are a week closer to one of the biggest fights in MMA history, as UFC 148 Sonnen vs. Silva II counts down.

The road leads to Las Vegas, and all the trash talking and hype comes to a head on July 7th at the MGM Grand. Longtime-champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva holds the UFC record for most consecutive title defenses. Chael Sonnen is looking to break that record at nine by handing Silva his first loss since 2006.

Travis Browne returns to take us through another Move of The Week, as he continues to show us how to properly throw a superman punch and follow through.

The Ultimate Show got a chance to meet up with one of the UFC’s up-and-coming stars, Chris Weidman. The undefeated middleweight gives TUS access to his training camp in Long Island and lets us in on his thoughts on fighting in the UFC and more.

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