2013 NHL Winter Classic: What Will the Detroit Red Wings Wear?

Adam Rickert@adam_rickertAnalyst IIJune 25, 2012

2013 NHL Winter Classic: What Will the Detroit Red Wings Wear?

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    The announcement that the 2013 Winter Classic between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs will be played at the Big House in Ann Arbor came almost six months ago, and we still have no idea what either team will wear.

    It has been tradition since the first Winter Classic in 2008 to wear throwback uniforms, but since the Red Wings have barely made any changes to their jerseys in history, it is tough to speculate which type of jersey they will don against the Leafs.

    One has to believe that the announcement will be coming soon, as the schedule for the Hockeytown Winter Festival has already been released, but fans have been highly anticipating what they could see their Wings in on New Year's Day.

    I've compiled some throwback jerseys from the franchise, as well as some concepts from icethetics.info and a concept of my own, to give readers a taste of what we could see on January 1.

1927-1928 Detroit Cougars

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    This is what I expect to see the Red Wings wear. It is the same jersey worn by the Detroit Cougars in the 1927-1928 season, and the Wings wore it as a throwback for a few games in 1992.

    This jersey was used the year after their 2009 Winter Classic jersey (1926-1927 Cougars), which leads me to think that this is what the Wings will go with.

1928-1929 Detroit Cougars

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    This is another Detroit Cougars jersey, but I don't see the Wings wearing it due to the fact that it lacks a lot of design and there is an actual Cougar (I guess) on the jersey.

    However, I could definitely see a modified version of this jersey being used, with more stripes near the bottom and a Red Wings logo replacing the Cougar.

1930-1932 Detroit Falcons

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    The Cougars switched their name to the Falcons in 1930 and wore this jersey, which marked the only time in history that a Detroit NHL team wore any color other than red or white on a jersey.

    This jersey has a real throwback look to it, but I can't see it being worn because of the yellow and the excessive stripes.

1937-1940 Detroit Red Wings

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    If Detroit wears any jersey from the Red Wings era, I believe it would be one of these two.

    The design has barely changed since 1937, but the striping on the white jersey and both logos are a little bit different.

Matt McElroy's Concept from Icethetics

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    This jersey was designed by Matt McElroy and was posted on the concepts page of icethetics.info (which is a great site for anyone interested in hockey jerseys).

    Here's the link if you want a bigger look: http://www.icethetics.info/concepts/2012/3/18/0029-hockeytown-to-cougartown.html.

    I really like this jersey because it takes elements from the 1928-1929 Cougars jersey that I previously mentioned, but it adds more stripes, replaces the Cougar with a vintage Red Wings logo and looks a little bit more modern.

    There are other concepts on the site involving the Wings and the Winter Classic, but this is one of my favorites and the only picture that is solely a Wings concept.

    If you want to take a look at the others, go to http://www.icethetics.info/concepts/ and click through the pages of concepts.

My Own Concept

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    Sorry if this isn't the highest-quality concept, but all I have on my computer is Paint. I'd change the font and numbers if I could, as well as make the logo clearer (it's this one if you can't see it very well: http://sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=aygjgdxtxng8mgeyh3d0i1sc7).

    What I tried to do was combine aspects from several different eras while replacing the white with an off-white in order to add more of a vintage feel.

    The socks and sleeves are inspired by the sleeves on the 1927-1928 uniforms (the first design in this slideshow), the logo was the primary logo from 1932 through 1934 (according to sportslogos.net) and the waist stripe was inspired by the current jerseys.

    I'd definitely like to see the Red Wings wear something like this, but for the most part, I am excited to see them wear a jersey other than their normal home/road set.

    In my opinion, whatever they wear this year will most likely not be as good as the 2009 jersey, but the Red Wings can't go wrong with their colors and history when it comes to jerseys.