WWE: Are Ryback's Squash Matches Ruining His Chances for Real Fame?

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIJune 25, 2012

Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

In a word, yes. 

I can't just end there? Dang. Well I guess I'll explain myself. 

Ryback, formerly known as Skip Sheffield, had a little run with Wade and the boys bearing N's on their biceps, but he broke his ankle, putting the breaks on his run with Nexus. 

Since then, the Skip has been repackaged as a goatee-less Goldberg who raided RVD's wardrobe and has been squashing jobbers on SmackDown and, as of late, Raw along with a few pay-per-view squash matches. 

Ryback has been squashing local wrestlers since his return to TV on April 6th. His only televised matches against a Superstar on the WWE roster were singles matches against Heath Slater, Derrick Bateman and one against Camacho at Over The Limit—wait...Camacho is on the roster?

Either way, Ryback has been back since the spring and hasn't done anything. He's following the recent Brodus Clay format in repackaging, with Clay just now finally getting quasi-involved in some real feuds.

Back to the question, are these squash matches ruining Ryback's chance at real WWE fame? Yes. The more educated wrestling fans may be impressed by Ryback's ability to bust the muscles of two local wrestlers at once, but his legitimacy is fading with each squash match. Seeing him dispose of 150-pound locals week after week makes me question why he hasn't at least seen a jobber on the roster.

Can he not cut it with Tyson Kidd or JTG in the ring?

We've seen Ryback beat up the local kids; let's get him in a feud WWE! The squash matches are starting to get old, which may make fans lose interest in the monster.

I feel like the WWE Universe has seen what he can do. We know that he's huge and he can lift things—lots of things—easier than most people can. We know that he likes to verbally inform the audience that he plans to "finish him" a la Mortal Kombat; we get it. Let's see him wrestle an actual match.

I'm not asking for much. Let Ryback get a few locals up for the Muscle Buster then POW! green mist in the face from Lord Tensai, the jobbers fall onto Ryback and defeat him. Ryback mad, RYBACK SMASH, and a feud is born.

I'm just saying, the WWE roster is a little thin this summer and getting Ryback away from the jobbers and in a real feud is something the Universe wants. Ryback getting a real feud in the next few weeks will make him seem legit and can help him build up his WWE resume to possibly being one of the most dominant big men in the biz.

Heck, he asks for more every week, Vince! FEED HIM MORE!

But what do I know, I'm just one guy. What do you guys think? Let me know!