UFC 97, Trouble in Canada

Nate DoubleAnalyst IFebruary 12, 2009

Reports are pouring in that UFC 97 scheduled for Apr. 18 in Montreal, Canada may be in jeopardy because of some of the current rules set by the Quebec combat sports commission.

Some of the rules include a ban on elbows and knees to the head and that the referee must stop the fight in the event that a fighter is knocked down to make sure the fighter is alright.

Also under scrutiny is the size of the UFC's octagon cage which may need to be smaller at the Bell Centre event. 

Despite the issues the UFC is adamant that the event will go ahead as planned, although the sports commission has stated that there is not enough time to modify the existing rules to the unified rules of MMA that the UFC currently uses.

The most interesting thing is that these rules were in place during the last UFC event held at the Bell Centre, UFC 83 which set an attendance record.

The UFC finds itself in a tight spot as tickets for the event go on sale tomorrow and they've already invested in advertising for the event.  The fighters may find themselves in a tight spot too, as no dimensions for the smaller octagon have been given.