WWE News: Chris Jericho States '100 Percent of My Focus Is on the Band'

Gone Baby GoneContributerJune 25, 2012

Courtesy fanpop.com
Courtesy fanpop.com

Big words coming from wrestling superstar Chris Jericho over the weekend.

As wrestlezone.com reports:

During a recent interview conducted for Fighting Spirit Magazine, WWE star Chris Jericho had the following to say about his wrestling career and future with his band Fozzy:

Look, when I was a kid I had two dreams, I wanted to be in a rock n roll band and I wanted to be a wrestler, and I'm very fortunate that I got to do both at the highest level. At this point in time, 100 percent of my focus is on the band, and the mass of momentum that we've got over the last couple of years from touring and playing, and the reputation we've earned. I wanted to make the most of it, and take Fozzy to the next level. I've done everything I could possibly do in wrestling. It's been great, but now Fozzy is kind of growing to be at the level where I am in wrestling, and Fozzy is what I wanna do. Wrestling will always be there, and if I decide to go back, it's great. But after all these years of hard work with the band, to get some of this momentum behind us is a very rare thing.

I personally feel that Jericho should move on from wrestling and keep up his band's momentum. The fact is, Jericho has accomplished everything that he can in the WWE. He has been IC champ more times than anyone in history and has held every active title that the WWE as to offer. Several of them, he has held multiple times.

He has main-evented WrestleMania, traveled the world and became an international wrestling star. Overall, Jericho can look back at his accomplishments and not only be proud, but know he's done it all.

That being said, Jericho is in his early 40's and has no need to continue wrestling on a full-time or any-time basis for that matter. He is one of the few wrestlers to transcend past wrestling and find another outlet to express his creativity.

More importantly, he has gained legions of new fans solely because he is Chris Jericho front-man of Fozzy and not Chris Jericho the wrestler. Yes, the wrestling career definitely helped fuel the rock career and Fozzy's popularity, but now, times they are a-changing, and it's safe to say rock star Jericho is closing in on the wrestler's popularity.

Ultimately, he successfully legitimized his band from cover band to full-on rock band. His band went from small clubs to touring with greats like Metallica and Iron Maiden, just to name a few.

To me, Jericho might have one year left on his in-ring career before his act becomes stale and fans get tired of seeing him. Not because they don't appreciate his work, but because they have witnessed him throughout every stage of his career and can safely say they have seen him do it all.

In the end, this transition would be a great thing for Jericho, wrestling and his fans. Simply because we won't be watching another one of our heroes age in the ring.